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  1. stil no comparision to closed source Intel Win driver

    Michael promised that a month back. huge dissapointment. This must be some kind of politics. MICHAEL IS A POLITIC. well done Michael.
  2. is it some kind of politics?

    It seems to me Michael on purpose does not show a comparison to windows results.

  3. It is the third article saying that there is...

    It is the third article saying that there is still some space to grow to match windows driver. But what are the numbers? Is it that bad or is it just minor improvement needed? I am puzzled, I...
  4. can we see results from other benchmarks?...

    can we see results from other benchmarks? Lightsmark, furmark, Unigine Heaven, Unigine Tropics, Unigine valley, OilRush? C4 engine?
  5. other benchmarks

    can we have comparison for benchmarks like Unigine Heaven, Unigine Valley, OilRush, Furmark, Lightsmark? They are for free I believe.
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    HD4000 linux vs. winsows; windows OGL3.3?

    could we have comparison between Ivybridge OGL linux and Windows drivers? Some time back there was such comparison provided on phoronix for sandybridge and it was very helpful. Thanks!

    I found...
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    Windows OGL version support on HD4000 - OGL3.3? HD4000 Win vs. Linux report?

    I read somewhere that HD4000 supports OGL3.3 on Windows. Is it true? When comparison between HD4000 Linux&Windows will be available, like the one done some time back for HD3000? That report was a...
  8. Intel Windows driver - which version was used?

    Intel recently announced 15.22 driver (15.​22.​1.​2361/15.​22.​1.​64.​2361) with OpenGL3.1 support - was this version used to capture performance on Windows?
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