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  1. compiler flags

    you can easily compile with your own flags by using e.g. make bzImage CFLAGS_KERNEL="-march=native". As this mostly tunes vector operations (SSE, AVX) it shouldn't change much because kernel doesn't...
  2. only for classic drivers

    libdricore is only used by classic mesa drivers (mainly only intel chips). Gallium drivers are not affected.
  3. needs power tuning

    My mbp (no nvidia chip) nearly consumes same power on ubuntu as on osx. There are several points of optimization though which are sparsely documentated. E.g. I found that enabling AHCI mode using...
  4. it's the xorg graphics driver for tegra based...

    it's the xorg graphics driver for tegra based smartbooks/chromebooks or other devices (like the ac100, trimslice).

    p.s. writing from a now accelerated ac100 ;)
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    cheap arm laptop

    there is a very cheap Tegra2 based laptop available (the Toshiba AC100 for less than 200 ), but only if you don't live somewhere on the american continent.
  6. I don't know if this is the right place for a...

    I don't know if this is the right place for a feature request, but I find missing is a productivity test similar to the BABCo suite ( Of...
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    how many of the tests depend on cygwin?

    I fear that most of the tests depend on cygwin, so it's that what gets tested and not raw win7. There should be at least an option to disable these tests.
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    advanced profiling

    I would find it useful, if the the pts can incorporate some advanced profiling information and not only the end result. What I mean is something like use of gperf and kernel profiling. Even if this...
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