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  1. Update

    I ended up getting a GeForce 8500 GT; the driver update was flawless and it runs fine under Solaris Express Developer edition build 68 - it's probably better under build 69 now that it's out. Sorry...
  2. My Specs: Amd FX-60 Socket 939...

    My Specs:
    Amd FX-60 Socket 939 Possessor
    4 Gigs of CORSAIR XMS DDR-400 Ram
    Twin eVGA 8800GTX 768mb Graphics Cards running SLI
    ASUS A8N-SLI Premium Motherboard
    Twin Western Digital...
  3. Thanks!

    Good lookin' out, bro. I've had it with ATI, so I was just shopping for an nvidia SLI setup; you've saved me quite a bit of grief, most likely.
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