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    Membership renewal

    hmm, given I'ven been a member since 2006, I didn't even vote, I just renewed mine now.

    Let's get a re-vote on this, if we do, I'm voting YES for the merger.
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    Fedora should focus on other discrimination

    More like why KDE is always second class and why there has to this constant GNOME only mentality.

    We have enough GNOME distributions already.
  3. Michael something is broken with benchmarking..redo of benchmarks against X1 Carbon..

    Here is my latest Comparison with the Lenovo X1 Carbon vs my Dell Precision M6800

    Some notes:

    - kernel 3.19-rc6
    - Removed ccache as...
  4. VT Extensions enabled?

    I hope the laptop has VT disabled (VT-d specifically). Otherwise, as my Haswell, you will *not* get proper idle states.

    In my case: i915.enable_fbc=1 i915.enable_rc6=1 intel_iommu=igfx_off with...
  5. True Unigine FPS for BONAIRE


    Tropics Demo v1.3

    Min FPS:
  6. Even more strange...

    I redid the same test with the Haswell HD 4600, and I still beat the Broadwell-U GPU! Unengine Tropics fails to run however (white screen).

    I should note for both tests, Unengine does *not* run...
  7. This is a Bonaire but its a Saturn XT [FirePro...

    This is a Bonaire but its a Saturn XT [FirePro M6100] special GPU some laptops, it's part of the Southern Islands series, GCN 1.1 hardware.
  8. Re: Results from Dell M6800

    That said, I SMOKED that Lenovo X1 laptop if you count the Radeon GPU instead of the Intel Haswell GPU
  9. Results from Dell M6800


    Here's my results:

    The Disk on this isn't very good, this is a Hybrid-SSD disk and it's pretty poor on I/O, but once 1TB...
  10. DRI_PRIME works but some disk benchmarks failed.. for some reason

    but some disk benchmarks failed.. for some reason

    Will post result when done
  11. Does this automatically determine DRI_PRIME use?

    I'm about to run this benchmark on my laptop, which has working DRI_PRIME, will it use the intel GPU or switch to Radeon one?
  12. No go, even worse the game throws asserts...

    No go,

    even worse the game throws asserts ASSERT (!LLGLSLShader::sNoFixedFunction || shader != NULL) so something buggy with GLSL program usage for some reason.
  13. Game broken

    Game is Second Life, primitives missing, GLSL failures, how to debug HSW DRI driver?
  14. Seems busted to me..

    Some games have missing objects (primitives), but i am using mesa-10.5 and 3.19-rcX
  15. drm-next-3.19 is pretty good for Bonaire chips

    Been running this for awhile on my new laptop. There's a few rough edges but nothing significant so far.
  16. We will be renaming DNF I hope...

    DNF == Did Not Finish

    We don't need Fedora with a horrible package manager name.

    Excuse me, but some of us have laptops and we can't just REMOVE THE GPU.... unless you want to pay to buy laptops for people.

    Sure there are also non-mobile versions but for mobile users this is...
  18. Isn't the GLSL work GPU vendor neutral?

    If so, then the work Intel is doing on GLSL (tons of patches I see) will benefit everyone at least?

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    Strawberry Shortcake

    With a development release name like that it sure is sweet :D
  20. This might fix even older AMD GPUs :D

    With a common DRM driver, GPU resets for us older R600 cards might be fixed if fglrx's kernel bits fold into the radeon DRM driver this is something I hope can happen. I can't just replace my laptop...
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