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  1. So the Asus T100 is using a 32bit UEFI? From...

    So the Asus T100 is using a 32bit UEFI?

    From my understanding, most (all?) pc's use 64bit UEFI environments, with the exception of macintosh pc's. has a...
  2. I think you just made my Christmas, been...

    I think you just made my Christmas, been searching for something like this for a couple months now.

    wonder if it works.
  3. Will be great for cross system development

    Personally, I am quite happy to hear about this project, and can already think of a few uses.

    I have a linux to macosx cross compiler which works fairly well (Although wishing I could get a newer...
  4. Thread: Thank you ATI

    by conathan

    Thank you ATI

    Longtime follower of the forums, but rare poster.

    After reading some of the comments in a few recent posts, I just wanted to say, that the ATI Opensource graphics driver is working great for me. ...
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    video tearing under 280.3

    I was troubleshooting a tearing problem when using flash 10 under Puppy Linux Quirky, under the following setup

    xorg-server 1.7.6
    Nvidia 280.3
    tested w/ hardware acceleration...
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    Matthew Garrett's blog at...

    Matthew Garrett's blog at has some information on the status,

    EFI Implementation Bugs (Jan 13, 2011)

    Macs and Linux (May...
  7. Basically, it is looking for a 32bit version of...

    Basically, it is looking for a 32bit version of libpciaccess, libpixman, and libudev.

    I use a 32bit mesa with wine myself, and it only needs a 32bit mesa, it does not need a 32bit ati xorg...
  8. MESA_VERSION=7.11-rc4 [used for...

    [used for MesaLib-7.11-rc4]

    CC="gcc -m32" \
    PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/lib/32/pkgconfig \
    CXX="g++ -m32" CXXFLAGS="-m32" \
    ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc...
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    that looks perfet, although wish it was a Zacate....

    that looks perfet, although wish it was a Zacate. still, it does have lower power...

    Thank you
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    AMD Fusion board w/ two NIC ports?

    I have been looking for an AMD Motherboard, to act as a router. The opensource radeon drivers are shaping up nicely, and it looks like it does not use much power when idling. Also, it supports...
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    options for midi work w/ lmms

    I was looking to start tinkering with an external keyboard and lmms, but it looks like my aging Sound Blaster live no longer has a PCI Slot.

    browsing the far reaches of the internet, it looks like...
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