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  1. Errors on interrupts

    This does not mean much.

    Console with nothing graphical loaded is plain linux. Once you type startx the x-server is started, modules and drivers are loaded, this is where the error comes in.

  2. Where does the 'failed ... interupts' originate...

    Where does the 'failed ... interupts' originate from ?

    DRM ?
    fglrx ?
    kernel ? (AGPGART...)

    On my system (NForce2) there is not an issue like this one and the system falls back to kernel-AGP...
  3. IRQ handling

    Also check my post in

    It is a bit misleading as the error regarding GART... implementation still stands but there is fallback to...
  4. Improvement and error GONE

    I've just copied the below into a new xorg.conf file and behold! the error with regards to AGP are gone.

    dmesg : states the xserver is falling back to kernel-AGP support, appearing so, this is...
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