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  1. bit/lite coin mining speed as OpenCL benchmark

    There are a number of OpenCL-based bitcoin and litecoin mining programs, and typically, these programs are report the number of hashes/second, so it should not be too difficult to transform them into...
  2. Too many errors ...

    This post looks like it's written in a hurry.

    I suppose that the title is meant to imply that apple dominates in the number of contributions, but it seems that that wasn't very clear (see comment...
  3. Most important question ... How did you manage to...

    Most important question ... How did you manage to install Open64 5.0 on an Ubuntu 11.10 distribution ??
  4. What about direct3D ?

    Does anyone know what is going on with direct3D state tracker ? I would have expected to either see something in the release notes about it, or some message about it being removed.
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    Interesting number, 48 cores. That's exactly what their 'larabee' product is supposed to have. My guess is that it's just the same thing.
  6. Please do include Reiser4

    Actually, I'd be very interested to see how reiser4 compares to other "modern" filesystems. It would seem that it is maintained, although I don't know if it is included in standard distribution...
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