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  1. Linux vs Windows performance

    I'm running Linux right now on an old ASUS eeePC with 2GB RAM, and it's way faster than the Windows 7 (which I've wiped) that came pre-installed on the machine.

    If you've been using something...
  2. I suffered through it to help the site, but...

    OK, I managed to make it through to the end of the survey, and I hope that little effort on my part helps out Phoronix (since I enjoy this site tremendously). But wow, how dumb can these...
  3. Odroid

    I have an Odroid-X, which I purchase last year. It's now been superseded by the Odroid-XU ($139):

    ...and the less...
  4. Hoping for Wayland

    Sorry to hear about's security issues, but hopefully it will provide even more impetus to get Wayland installed as the default graphics system as soon as possible.

    The big move from X to...
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    Disillusioned with Pulseaudio

    If you'd asked me a week ago, I'd say this is great news. But about three days ago, I finally had it with Pulseaudio and purged it from my Debian system. I now rely on Alsa for sound.

    Let me say...
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    I just learned something

    I feel like an idiot. I've been a Linux user for about a dozen years, and pretty good at the command line so keyboard shortcuts should be second nature to me. But thanks to this brief thread I just...
  7. Reluctantly, I have to agree. Probably nothing...

    Reluctantly, I have to agree. Probably nothing would be accomplished by the debate.

    I used to be an enthusiastic Ubuntu user, but I've moved back to Debian and will mostly likely stay with it....
  8. Odroid-XU vs Odroid-U2

    I own one of the older Odroid boards, the Odroid-X, which was subsequently superseded by the X2 and now the XU.

    Currently, Odroid sells two boards, the XU and U2. The XU is almost twice the price...
  9. Yes, ARM has been around for a long time, but...

    Yes, ARM has been around for a long time, but only recently has it gotten fast enough to be used to power a practical computer (as opposed to a cell phone). Not long ago, I bought an ARM-based...
  10. Why is Google Earth still 32-bit?

    I agree that 64-bit is better. But one app that I really need to work is Google Earth, and for some reason it just doesn't want to install in 64-bit. Does anyone have a clue why that is? I've...
  11. Mir-Wayland compatibility?

    There is a question I've been meaning to ask, and this is as good a time as any...

    Is it possible that applications could be written so that they run on both Mir and Wayland? I don't mean via XMir...
  12. Problem is XMir, not Mir

    Too much hyperbole in that statement. The Lubuntu developer was expressing his concern that XMir was too much of a performance hit on LXDE, so for now they'll stick with X.Org. He didn't say anything...
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    Goodbye Ubuntu/Lubuntu, I switched back to Debian

    When Ubuntu first went with this Unity thing, I did give it a try but wasn't all that impressed. No matter, there was always Xubuntu and Lubuntu. I finally settled on Lubuntu, and used it for about...
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    systemd / SysV / Upstart comparison

    I know that I certainly would be. Not just to judge the performance (boot itmes) of these three competitors, but to understand what they can do for stability and security.

    Thanks for asking Eric.
  15. Hiawatha

    I use the Hiawatha web server myself. Not sure if it's adequate for commercial applications, but fine for a standalone home system. I just use it to test my own web site.

    If you aren't connecting...
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    This interests me. I've used XFS before and it...

    This interests me. I've used XFS before and it was always good, so I wouldn't mind abandoning ext4 and going back to XFS if there was some advantage in doing so. Data integrity is a big deal for me,...
  17. Would like to try ZFS, but how?

    The question asked in this thread, "Will you use ZFS?"...

    OK, I'd like to give it a try. Any pointers on how? I'm a Debian user. Can I "apt-get something" to make it work? Is there a Debian fork...
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    Ubuntu only?

    When I first heard of Mir, I was unsure what to think. I was hoping that Canonical was promoting this because Mir was going to be far more awesome than Wayland, and thus every Linux user would want...
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    I first encountered the EXT4 bug about six weeks ago. It's actually quite severe, crashing two of my systems due to file system corruption. At first I wasn't sure what it was and thought my hard disk...
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    XFS stable on old system where EXT4 crashed

    I had an interesting experience a few days ago with an old machine that I was upgrading for a friend. I installed Ubuntu for him 3 years ago and it has run fine. Then he wanted an upgrade, which I...
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