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  1. Should I return my AMD 7770 for an NVidia card?

    I bought a new 27" 2560x1440 monitor and needed something beefier than my integrated Radeon HD 4XXX.
    I went with a 7770 because it appeared on Tom's Hardware's best graphics card for the money...
  2. Project Wonderland

    This reminds me of Sun's project Wonderland. I always thought it was a neat idea. If there is a way to go in and out of full screen mode it would be kind of neat.
  3. Live CD/DVD

    I'd like to see live CDs or DVDs with the game loaded on it.
    It would make your PC feel like a gaming console but with a long bootup time.
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    desktop application

    It'd be nice if someone ported a "desktop" application that ran X or Wayland with keyboard and mouse suppport. Kinda like how Windows 8 has a desktop application.
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    This saddens me

    If stuff like this keeps happening, you'll have to pick one distro to get KSplice, use another one to get Mono, or a third one to use ZFS.

    This fragmentation is bad for Linux.

    Oracle is a...
  6. GCC2

    From what I understand, GCC and the Linux kernel are so heavily intertwined that it is becoming bad thing for both projects.

    So, I guess thins kind of thing is understandable when other operating...
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    Netflix, Hulu, etc

    Would be a nice little box to have to run XBMC on but then you'd still need to get a Roku box to play Netflix.
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    Are there any long term plans to ditch GPL PyQt in favor of LGPL Nokia Supported PySide?
  9. Looks like garbage

    With those bezels it looks like garbage.

    What is the goal here? To create a giant display? To have a ultra high resolution display? Both?

    Dear god use projectors already. Then you'd have no...
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    Does it play nice with GTK+ apps?

    I ran a fairly recent build if KDE a month or two ago and when I ran Inkscape I couldn't see the colors in any of the sliders.

    I saw that the bug was known.

    Wondering if this is fixed.

  11. Yes actually. Not because one might be better...

    Yes actually. Not because one might be better than the other. It would be nice if I didn't a different database server for each application that decided to target a specific one.

    Both MythTV and...
  12. sqlite

    I'm glad to see that Gnome could make due with Sqlite unlike KDE4 which actually depends on MySQL.

    They really should use some DB abstraction like sqlalchemy or just use standard SQL so that any...
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    Dimming file icons?... Gnome doesn't have...

    Dimming file icons?... Gnome doesn't have that?...Wow.

    I use Thunar from time to time but couldn't tell you if they have dimming stuff or not. Most of my file management is done through ls,...
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    Uhm, isn't this a netbook with 4Gb of solid state...

    Uhm, isn't this a netbook with 4Gb of solid state hard drive. After the OS how much room is left for 720p video?
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    Will this get rid of video tearing in Linux?

    I get it on 2 different systems with NVidia cards. I have tried different mplayer -vo options. Tried Totem, and other players. I have sync to vblank...
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    Right, its on window managers to do the job, but...

    Right, its on window managers to do the job, but now many are doing it? Just 1, KDE. I don't see Gnome or XFce doing I'll still use Compiz as I am an xfce user.
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    If you want things done like in the Linux kernel...

    If you want things done like in the Linux kernel then Compiz++ is out of the question ;-)
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    As someone who has been using MythTV for quite some time and been using XBMC since it was started and XBMP before the fork I can say that this is a good thing. I'm not sure about the social aspect...
  19. I'm just replying to this so that I can download...

    I'm just replying to this so that I can download a video. Apparently having just one post isn't enough.
  20. Awesome

    I can think of a lot of uses for this.

    How many times have you had to find out which piece of hardware is bad in a computer?
    Is it the OS installation (windows likes to mess up over time), the...
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