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  1. Spelling mistake

    The is a minor error on the first page: "Intel Core i7 470K processor". I am looking forward for your benchmarks!
  2. pts/apache is dependent on pcre-devel

    The pts/apache test profile fails to install on many Linux distros due to the missing pcre-devel package. Is it possible to add this package to the dependencies of pts/apache so that it is installed...
  3. Bug reports related to `phoronix-test-suite install ...`

    The bugs presented below are related to pts test profiles that fail to install e.g.:

    $ phoronix-test-suite install pts/aio-stress
    The following tests failed to install:

  4. Bash script to debug the installation of pts tests


    I wrote a bash script that tries to install all pts tests and for any test that fails to install it saves the error message to a file. Here is the script:


    if [ ! -f...
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