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  1. no big news

    mac osx is slow very slow
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    same old story amd
  3. chrome/firefox

    how well firefox/chrome work today with amd drivers?:confused:
  4. lol

    is almost certain this guy have a android phone or a iphone, another guy without nothing to do with his life
  5. the new amd?

    the new amd driver is not ready yet? :mad: maybe next year
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    another distro

    mir is default in ubuntu-next
  7. hm

    Intel is more interested in opengl es 3.1 of that in the OpenGL 4, unfortunately, but without Intel probably still'd be with OpenGL 2.1:p
  8. ??

    canīt run a desktop? lol and the memory bandwitch will be a less problem with ddr4. intel igpu or amd apu have power enough for most of ppl out there
  9. not true

    i have the same level of performance with a nvidia card, in windows and ubuntu, but with amd cards its true(maybe the problem once again is amd)
  10. ?

    with ubuntu 12.04.5, 14.04 14.10 you can switch cards (some type of fixed mode) and with intel nvidia card is off. nvidia prime don thave sync with monitor and is horrible to use, i have 2 optimus...
  11. ??

    what? steam don't need to have optimus support, optimus is problem from drivers, you can launch steam with bumblebee or nvidia prime, and it will assume the nvidia card... the problem is with x,...
  12. ?


    for your conclusion all apu are pointless, but all intel igpu represents much more maket than amd and nvidia together
  13. huge?

    what improvement? x is always the same since 1.13
  14. this is a good thing

    don't come with shit ppl, it's a good work by canonical and ubuntu community, they go with mir because they want and need to control the product
  15. hm

    ugly ugly ugly, kde4 is ugly but this... :rolleyes:
  16. ?

  17. ?

  18. lol

    the same old shit made in AMD maybe in 10 years we have some good supportt from amd
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  20. lol

    linus have shares from redhat
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