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  1. Why not 720p benchmarks?

    Actual MODERN resolutions are 16:9 ones and 1080p 720p and even 480p are the usual for desktop monitors and in this case gaming or future steam OS box TV gaming

    Why 720p was not tested?

    I think...
  2. What about Mutter / Muffin ?

    I cannot use gnome3 or Cinnamon with my integrated ATi HD4250
    Does this new models work fine with Mutter / Muffin?

    It is not only anATi problem, i have also a discrete Nvidia geforce 7950 GX2...
  3. AMD Thanks and congratulations

    I do have both ATi and NVIDIA - SLI - old cards, and none of them work with Mutter, i do prefer XFCE, but is a shame Mutter/muffin still odes not work well

    Intel driver is open source
    ATI is...
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    With CROUTON works

    With CROUTON wine works - at non X86 models not

    The problem is to make it work as an app

    But there are a lot of GNU apps that do not work as extensions

    Qemu would be even better than wine....
  5. Manjaro rocks

    Thanks Michael
    Manjaro -I switched from Xubuntu and I am very happy with it - is a really KISS distro, i think is even easier than Ubuntu for a newbe

    XFCE is very similar to XP - you can also...
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    gaming benchmarks

    I would like to know gaming benchmarks

    Perhaps 1080p is not the resolution to play,BUT ...

    720p and even 480p - DVD quality - gaming at CHEAP machines can achieve the same FPS than at 1080p at...
  7. perhaps QEMU would help too to install GNU paclkages "a la CROUTON"

    Android uses Linux kernel but almost all GNU packages cannot be used
    If QEMU works well in Android, to play with wine, it will also play with actual desktop GNU packages.

    Perhaps we can use...
  8. Thanks a lot Michael

    Thanks a lot for this benchmarks Idolove, not all is Ubuntu or derivates, and lately some SteamOS
    Manjaro is a great Arch fork and perhaps their Ubuntu alike.

    I would add Antergos and SteamOS and...
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    Who cares?

    SteamOS will beat Ubuntu in users when it will come preinstalled at consoles
    At least 5 Million of their 30 million users wil buy their Steam Machines
    As almost none switched to a dual boot as they...
  10. more results to compare

    I would like to see the K10 compared to new Intels and price/performance, you never put

    I love this K10 offer, perhaps I will buy one BUT ...

    I want to read benchmarks vs ATi and Nvidia GPUs +...
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    Great news ifi t is CHEAP and has PCI-E

    I think that this cheap Intel chips with a discrete NVIDIA card can beat actual MS Xbox and Sony PS4 AMD consoles with cheaper prices for better performance

    And I have just seen a demo of the new...
  12. and what about the kernel configuration?

    Phoronix tests showed the actual Steam OS kernel configuration was slower than the Ubuntu one

    As Phoronix benchmarked, real time is not the issue here because it does not affect the actual game...
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    720p 1080p and 4k

    Actual TV sets works at 720p 1080p or 4k
    Other resolutions are not relevant for Steam OS benchmarks
    And even 4k is too much 720p and 1080p is enough
  14. Some time ago I theorized here games should go...

    Some time ago I theorized here games should go better with RT kernels

    Phoronix then made game benchmarks and did not notice significant differences but perhaps Valve did.
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    Then I supose you can use the EASY Manjaro or any...

    Then I supose you can use the EASY Manjaro or any of the Manjaro respins
  16. Suggestion: Add wine tests

    Not only native vs native benchmarks also native vs wine - 3 columns - would be great
    Where we probably would watch sometimes that wine performs better than native GNU/Linux and a little bit worse...
  17. Bay Trail future benchmarks

    I have read Bay Trai performs 50% in dalvik than ARM with similar sinthetic benchmark scores
    And that is why its price has been cut by half
    But for non Android OSs is a bargain.
    I would like to...
  18. Wich kernel?

    Did you use Ubuntu kernel?
    Did you use android kernel?
    Wich one preinstalled or Linaro optimized as Oxigen?
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    Did you test Ubuntu vs Manjaro? Please post resuts

    Even with the problem thanks for installing Manjaro

    Did you test it?

    Please publish
  20. I would like that but it must be good enough to Steam

    OS GPU, thank you.
    Imagine Game developers asking for features and contrubuting to improve drivers.
    Imagine prices like ARDUINO or RASBERRY PI
    Imagine also a great OS CPU + GPU project

    But it...
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