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  1. Please try drm-intel-fixes

    We've screwed up batch placement a bit in 3.15, and 3.15-rc7 doesn't have the fix for that yet. It's in drm-intel-fixes, Jani just sent the pull request for that to Dave yesterday.
  2. We have some lingering issues on some funky...

    We have some lingering issues on some funky gen2/3 machines (and if people with too much time asked I can give pointers to what needs to be done), but afaik there are no regressions left for...
  3. Old hw support will _not_ be killed

    Just a quick clarification: For old i8xx/i9xx chips we _don't_ kill the support, kernel modesetting will still work fine and has for the past 5 years or so. The only thing we'll kill is support for...
  4. Just a quick clarification: Intel isn't half a...

    Just a quick clarification: Intel isn't half a year late here with GLES 3.0 support, this is actually the very first batch of conformance results! Which means we're ahead of all the desktop blob guys...
  5. Spilling just for the VS

    ... since spilling for fragment shaders has been implemented since quite a while.
  6. i915 gained hw context support

    Which is required to support geometry shaders ... boring stuff, I know ;-)
  7. Replies

    drm-intel performance patches

    Quick correction on my quote about no performance improvements for drm-intel: We've already landed a sizeable junk of patches to improve performance accross all gpu generations in drm-next for 3.5....
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