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  1. Yoga 2 Pro half bake update

    Update to post #13: Subsequent updates from the Kubuntu repositories have fixed the touchpad/wifi conflict. Touchpad works with the ideapad-laptop module disabled.
  2. Yogo Pro 2 support is only half baked

    On a Yoga 2 Pro, using Kubuntu 14.04 with the latest 1.73 drivers, my touchpad fails to initialize as I have to blacklist the idea_pad-laptop module to enable wifi.

    Removing idea_pad from the...
  3. Netflix on Linux!

    Supposedly the wine 1.5.12 update will enable Netflix on a Linux desktop! (

    A beer and a hug for Alexander Julliard and the awesome wine...
  4. Resolution

    Not to be picky, but unless you purchased a special version of the MBPR, the MBPR resolution should be 2880x1800...
  5. Replies

    My vote: Hot plugging and saved profiles (for...

    My vote: Hot plugging and saved profiles (for laptops).

    As it stands now, I have to use 2 xorg.conf files for "docked" vs "mobile" mode. The docked mode requires metamode modes to enable 640x480...
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