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    Originally posted by monraaf View Post
    Huh? You can make a derivative work of your own code and distribute that under whatever license you desire, regardless of any previous license you used in the past to distribute your code.
    Completely true ... and the reason that OpenSolaris was produced under CDDL ... It wasn't to stop Sun working with their own code, it was to try to minimise forking and general chaos to their main code branch.

    If you produce GPL code and embed it in Solaris then Sun^H^H^HOracle have no control over that bit and no say on how that code can be used in future ...

    A good example of what they were trying to do in controlling how Solaris developed can be seen with VirtualBox (, which is released under the GPL, but if you make any changes they need to be released in either the CDDL (by signing a "Sun Contributor Agreement" form and handing the code to developers, basically giving up your rights to the code) or released to them under a BSD style license so that they can copy it and re-release it

    what was this topic abaout again, I'm lost and rambling