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Other Ways To Optimize Your Linux Battery Life

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    Originally posted by Cyborg16 View Post
    That machine has a 50Wh battery, so 640mW draw works out at 78 hours (over three days) battery life. What's that active standby, with everything bar the CPU turned off? Even for that I'm impressed. Sure something's not wrong with that figure?
    As I wrote here we have the result in idle mode = machine "nothing" does not and has blanked the screen - this is a screenshot after the activation. During normal operation, such as active: Chrome, LibreOffice, console, etc., gets about 5-7 watts - this in my series of kernels Premium - here i7-pro - Dedicated for Intel Haswell family. Similarly X370 - AMD APU E-350 in idle mode from 3.8 to 4.5 Watt, and from 5.90 to 7 watts during eg typing text into LibreOffice or viewing pages on which there is little flash.