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Canonical Is No Longer Actively Working On Ubuntu For Android

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    Originally posted by dee. View Post
    Impossible to say really, who can saw for sure - maybe someone else would have filled the place of Ubuntu if Ubuntu had been absent... who knows?

    Nevertheless, of course Ubuntu has had a big impact, anyone can see that. There's lots to be thankful for to Canonical for their past work in making Linux more usable and better known in the mainstream.

    These days though, Ubuntu's value on the desktop is mostly providing a base for Linux Mint
    - The livecd that installs
    - The nice installer
    - Automatic multimedia codecs
    - Automatic closed drivers
    - Nice clean theme
    - Good defaults
    But that was a while back. I know Unity was a step backwards especially with defaults and since Unity I don't know of any good innovation.


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      Originally posted by Danniello View Post
      I'm keeping my fingers crossed for:

      * Vavle SteamOS
      Sadly it will not be "Linux on desktops"... It will be something like "Linux on consoles"...
      I still think Valve could see value in promoting the Linux desktop. Having a console that can be used as a desktop is value. Being able to buy desktop software from Valve is value.


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        Great, I have been waiting for this forever. I really want android and ubuntu not an ubuntu phone.


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          Originally posted by sarmad View Post
          Not surprising. Why would they release Ubuntu for Android when they are planning to release their own OS and phones that support the feature?
          Not only that, but U4A was basically a tech demo, proving that Android-grade hardware can handle full-desktop level Linux, by having a Ubuntu chroot inside an android system.
          But in practice, the other way around makes more sense:

          Running a full Ubuntu distro, with a special emulator for Android application.

          (Which is the direction that both Ubuntu and others like Sailfish OS are taking).

          Originally posted by Danniello View Post
          I'm keeping my fingers crossed for:
          I'm personnally very happy with opensuse.
          Nice user-friendly setup tools (yast).
          Vibrant community of 3rd parties (packman, all the repositories at suse open build server, etc.)

          But I, too, think that SteamOS is going to play an important role (even if it's not a Linux Desktop) the same way that Google's Android did with phones.