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Bloomberg Announces Backing Of The Ubuntu Edge

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    Originally posted by uid313 View Post
    Wow, I didn't think any corporate backer would jump on the $800000 pledge.
    Because it seems rather stupid to commit to buying a 100 of a device that you never seen, held, tried, used, evaluated before.

    It might look good on paper, then be crap in reality, then you wasted all that money and got all employees frustrated.
    In the enterprise you have to rely on proven technology.

    Hehe, you mean like a Windows desktop or a Blackberry phone? In order for a technology to be "proven" it has to have a starting point.


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      Originally posted by chrisb View Post
      maybe Bloomberg already have an application for this?
      Or maybe Bloomberg has decided they could get a few days of positive press out of this -- for free. I think it's clear the $32 million goal won't be reached. That means a bunch of refund checks will have to be printed, and Bloomberg gets their $80,000 back.