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    inb4 citation needed.

    Moreover, Bluetooth pairing has been shown to be susceptible to attack by eavesdroppers equipped with sensitive
    directional antennas, which enable attackers to breach the security of the system
    from more than a mile away [5,17]
    This limits the working range of NFC links to a few centimeters [1]. While obviously a
    good fit for many use cases, NFC is not without issues: like traditional radio
    transmissions, the range of the inductive loading can be drastically increased by
    eavesdropping with a large antenna – a large loop of wire in the case of NFC
    Different tech, so not as large ranges as bt and wifi, but far over a few cm.


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      Originally posted by 89c51 View Post
      The ubuntu phone has a feature that is really interesting from my POV. The ability to connect it to a screen and fire up a full DE.

      Yes that will be one of the selling points, but they need to still work out how they will allow conventional desktop programs work on a phone. Will it run in a container that handles the detection of the onscreen keyboard location so as not to cover important areas or will desktop programs only be able to run when docked or hooked to screen/keyboard/mouse.

      Canonical still needs a phone at the cutting edge of features but with a super cheap price. Obviously Canonical isn't locking themselves to a single phone.


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        Originally posted by curaga View Post
        It's not merely about saving power. It's also protection against them being turned on remotely against my will.
        I don't want NFC for google wallet. I want it for mounting into an audio amplifier unit and it becoming my music and movie player.

        Originally posted by curaga View Post
        There is a documented protocol for forcing the GPS on remotely, and sending the exact location. Cell tower triangulation has an accuracy of ~100m, GPS has an accuracy of 1m; cell tower connection is required to be able to communicate, GPS is not.
        Therefore there would be no harm in having a physical switch for the GPS power; I can turn it on when I need mapping.
        GMO foods are known to be toxic and cause infertility and stomach irritations/cancers. That doesn't mean we forego all food. if phone features are being exploited by corrupt Government we need to get rid of them and have open document policies, rather than remove our standards of living.

        Another way of saying this is I agree with most of what you are saying but I oppose dropping hardware features in-spite of others' corruption.

        In my own life I refuse to have a smart-meter as the features are not beneficial to me or my community. I don't eat GMOs. I've given up meat eating for health/moral choices. I don't get weaponised vaccines and rarely get sick. I will never directly pay for or accept carbon-taxes. You are talking to someone that knows about control grids and organised corruption. I'm not desperate to compromise my privacy and freedoms. I believe I can calculate and manage to the situations I make.


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          Who uses google wallet anymore? Future is in cryptocurrency.


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            Originally posted by curaga View Post
            * battery life: 1 week minimum of normal use, preferably 3-4 weeks
            Then buy a Nokia 3310...


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              They don't listen do they?

              Originally posted by curaga View Post
              * preferably no GPS nor NFC; if there, there must be a failsafe way to cut power to them, such as a physical switch
              * fully open software stack

              To be honest I don't think canonical gives a damm about what we think.
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