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Samsung Continues Sponsoring Enlightenment

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  • Samsung Continues Sponsoring Enlightenment

    Phoronix: Samsung Continues Sponsoring Enlightenment

    In late 2009 we figured out Samsung has been sponsoring the development of Enlightenment, the stacking window manager popular with some Linux enthusiasts. Since then the Enlightenment project has been more open about the gratuity provided by Samsung, and this major electronics vendor keeps paying them. Enlightenment is used on some of their mobile devices. Separately, Enlightenment has found its way onto refrigerators. There's more good news today out of the Samsung-sponsored Enlightenment camp...

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    It's sounds like Bada is there backup plan, perhaps to hold over Google's head if they don't like the direction Android is taking


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      Interestingly enough Bada sells better than WP7 + WinMo.


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        Originally posted by meklu View Post
        Interestingly enough Bada sells better than WP7 + WinMo.
        That's not really surprising. Even Microsoft itself gets more revenue out of Android than it gets from WP7 sales.
        WP7 is too little too late.


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          I find bada the best mobile os. It brings elements I like from both Android and iOs on high quality hardware all for a much much lower price then it's counterparts.
          Bada 2.0 beta rocks on my wave II.


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            Bada's also growing, unlike WP7 and RIM. It has a fairly nice cut of the Asian market, Koreas in particular, with its own app ecosystem etc.

            I would rather like a bada phone. A true linux platform instead of Android.


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              I've never heard of bada. How does it compare to maemo? Is it a reasonable option to look at when replacing an n900.... or will I never upgrade?


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                Contrary to the belief Bada Os is not based on linux but radder on a micro kernel that is propriatery. On top of it there is a stack mainly made up of open source components but also closed source ones.
                As I said before I find the os superior to Android and iOs but only if you are looking for a phone that just works and has great multimedia capabilities. This is not going to be like a meego device.


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                  I am one of the developper of Enlightenment and of the Enlightenment Foundation Library. I can confirm that Samsung is helping this project a lot by funding a lot of development effort (Full xcb support as been payed by Samsung also for example) and documentation also. But the end of this article is inaccurate. Samsung is funding Enlightenment as their main toolkit for their Linux Mobile initiative SLP. The EFL are part, thanks to Samsung, of the LiMo4 standard. And they are using it to build a complete graphical UI from scratch that have absolutely nothing to do with Bada. I don't know where this link with Bada is comming from, but there is no such link.


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                    I find it recommendable that instead of just using it they actually help it / fund it.