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Google's Buying Out Motorola For 12.5 Billion USD

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    Originally posted by V!NCENT View Post
    Heh, wait until you meet android; the various forks (all non-stock Android versions) and their versions in combination with all the different HW... It's like praying for your app to work et all! Seriously, experience here. It's like a 50-50 chance anything works correctly, if at all...

    Heh... I had Symbian before that (twice). It wasn't so flashy as Android, but at least I could make a call after four hours of full use. And let's face it; Opera beats the crap out of Dolphin. The fragmentation of software in Android, the bugs, the fact that sync meant syncing every second (instead of every x mins you can setup with Symbian^3), no good VPN, horrible keyboards, incompatible widgets with other homescreens (oh fast... wait nothing works!), horrible refill bugs, battery and data hungry navigation with Google Maps, horrible this, crashing that...

    I know... Symbian^3 is way behind the flashy new HTC Sence and all that stuff, the menu's take a bit of learning (like we didn't always do that before the iPhone came out), but people with brain matter actually thought about what the fsck I want my phone to do:
    -Not crash;
    -Last longer than a half-hour webbrowser session, so I can, you know, make a call?

    No I came screaming back to that Symbian(^3) (with way better apps than Android BTW) that has always worked. But enjoy the sexy homescreen effects of Androids...
    Should try to get a stock android phone (using nexus s). I've had extremely rare cases of it spontaneously restarting and background apps slowing things down but not bad otherwise.
    As long as you know what you are putting on a stock android image it should(TM) be fine in my experience.
    Battery life isn't great compared to a "feature" phone but not horrible. GPS is really the big killer from what I've seen. When on 3G and using gps for navigation it probably will, depending very heavily on signal strength, only last 6-8hrs by my estimation. Of course this was also keeping the screen on (auto brightness) and gpu usage fairly high to draw the all maps.
    If I leave data on all day(both wwlan and wlan) with only occasional gps is is usually(TM) around 20-25% at days end. Not horrible, but we know Apple and Win7 have done better. I'm assuming it is Java so there seems little Goog can do about it now...well, if they used native code for THEIR apps then at least you could get an android experience that had good battery.