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    Originally posted by ahlaht View Post
    You are right. That was a scary transition. But KMS is an optional feature. Linux distributions could have just kept it off by default.

    But of course it's faster to do the alpha testing with users so there are more people complaining to upstream and things get fixed faster.
    Hehe, in that case I can both confirm the 'alpha' and the 'testing'. Man, they really enabled that one distro release too early


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      Long ago

      Life now is better than it was back then. 10-15 years ago.

      Shuttleworth got the ball rolling over everybody's toes. Linux is finally going somewhere.

      Clicking a deb file in the browser and having the installer fire up is a feat in itself.

      I ain't looking back. Sometimes I think of all the crap I have put up with was for naught.


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        Originally posted by esquio View Post
        If you would have to buy a computer now, what would you buy to run Linux?
        A NVIDIA laptop? Optimus not so much supported, Hybrid performance is bad, to the level that it don't works at all... looks like optimus support will be in sometime soon.
        Point taken though that hybrid graphics on Linux at the moment aren't that great. If I needed a production system that absolutely required the extra battery life that hybrid graphics provides I would probably hold off for a few months more though.