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    Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated in any way with LGP.

    While LGP does have a number of deficiencies (Slow releases, long beta testing, tendency to go MIA from time to time) one should remember the following:
    A. Porting Windows games is -very- hard work. Especially games that were never designed with multi-platform in mind. (E.g. Direct3D)
    B. LGP is very small, and I doubt that making Linux games is very lucrative. Don't blame them for not producing the same results as a multiple-million dollar studio.
    C. LGP seems to be -very- responsive, when it comes to fixing bugs. I'd venture and guess that one of my bugs is to be "blamed" for the latest delay releasing X3. Other companies could have chosen to ignore the bug and try to solve it post release.
    D. As for X3:TC I'd venture and guess that LGP will start working on porting it the second X3/Linux starts generating profits. In short, if you want X3:TC/Linux, -buy- X3/Linux. (AKA "Voting with your wallet")

    - Gilboa
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      I totally agree, even I would prefer that LGP should at least provide a reasonable release date.
      We all know the arguments that the Windows version was released years ago, are now cheap as hell and and and.
      But one should keep in mind, that the advantage of this port is (hopefully) getting a rock-solid high-performance version which the Windows users didn't had for a long time (and Mac users probably never). Furthermore you can save to setup windows system which must be eventually maintained and brings all the disadvantages which we know from an Windows OS.
      Linux is a very efficient system. With good 3D drivers - speak: nvidia - it could be the perfect platform for gaming. This is worth to support it.