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What Linux Games Are Most Important To You?

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    Only play occasionally, but:
    • Savage
    • Tremulous
    • Wine


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      Originally posted by dotancohen View Post
      Whenever you play a game in Wine, make sure that you write to the developer and let them know that there is interest in running their game on Linux. If we don't let them know that we want Linux-native games, then they will never write them.

      Blizzard Entertainment (World of Warcraft)
      While letting know the producers of the game that you'd like their game natively, chances are that if it runs in Wine is good enough for them.

      By the way, this Blizzard link is flawed, it only allows for WoW, while that is about the only Blizzard title I don't play in Wine


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        I would add emulators for consoles. Linux had it's share and ( even if it might be questionable )... plays games .

        That said I had around here besides OA... ut99/2k4... and some of the older quake games. They are though no more installed ( need space for other things ).

        Will there be a list of all the mentioned games? I've seen some flashing by which I should try out once upon time ( more brainer games than shooters I mean ).


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          Wine. I play a lot and wine is my savior atm. Blizzard needs to make clients for linux, seriiosly, its about time.


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            X2 - The Threat
            X-Plane 9 (although it's a simulator, not a game)

            and it will be probably X3 - Reunion when the holy day of release is coming...


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              I'm not much of a gamer, but I did buy Doom 3 because of the Linux support, the same with nwn + both exps. These days though, I mainly play Civ IV through Wine, and I'd love to get football manager working. Other than that it's old games like sam & max hit the road, full throttle, and Warcraft 3.. So I mostly use Wine for my games.. I often find the open source games a bit.. boring, sorry. Too often they feel like half-hearted clones of old bestseller games. I do mean to try out this Nexuiz-game when I'm back home, my old laptop which I use right now is hardly capable of pulling compiz smoothly


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                Titles I play(ed) and think these are important to me on Linux.
                • Most importantly ETQW and almost every ID title such as the Quake or Doom series with a native Linux port.
                • ioQuake3/Qfusion - because a lot of good games such as UrbanTerror or Warsow are based on it. Again ID Software is responsible for this.
                • Savage 2, Eschalon, Rain-Slick, Darwinia, Defcon, Uplink, Penumbra, etc. - because these are great titles and were developed from Indi developers which plays an important role in this whole Linux Gaming market.
                • EVE-Online - It's actually cedega/wine based and not really that great supported, but still one of the few MMOGs out there which bundles a Linux package together.
                • WINE - (Starcraf, Warcraft, etc.)
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                  Nexuiz: completely awesome but at the same time very traditional
                  Tremulous: buggy as crap and old as moses, but still quite unique and strategic
                  Urbanterror: because plasma weapons aren't all that satisfying when you really just want to shoot things up.
                  Warsow: looks like it would be awesome, if, you know, it worked. Meh, I'll just blame nVidia..


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                    UT2K4 (but that's already years ago)
                    WINE (for WoW, but also a year or so that I haven't played it)

                    what I *want* is CS but that's just unplayable using WINE (or rather instead of being a reasonably good player it turns me into a bottom feeder)


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                      All of them are important to me! If it's got linux binaries, I buy it. I even search eBay for Loki and other releases that are out of print. Here's a list of only a few setup on my computer:

                      Alpha Centauri
                      Doom 3
                      Doom II
                      Duke Nukem 3D (eduke32)
                      Enemy Territory
                      Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
                      Frozen Bubble
                      Hereos of Might and Magic III
                      MAME (gmameui) and other countless emulators
                      Neverwinter Nights
                      Penumbra: Black Plague
                      Penumbra: Overture
                      Quake (ezquake)
                      Quake 2
                      Quake 3 (ioQuake3) + Mods
                      Return to Castle Wolfenstein
                      Savage 2
                      Second Life
                      Serious Sam 2
                      Serious Sam: First Encounter (icculus binaries)
                      Serious Sam: Second Encounter (icculus binaries)
                      Soldier of Fortune
                      Unreal Tournament
                      Unreal Tournament 2004

                      And if you want to count Wine, I run Steam to play Day of Defeat (classic) and World of Warcraft. It's a shame there isn't a native client for World of Warcraft, seeing as the beta had one