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What Linux Games Are Most Important To You?

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    You mean to tell me I'm the only person in here that likes PokerTH?

    I'm an old school Linux gamer - I still play chromium :P


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      Here is my list, though I don't play all the games all the time, I DO play every now and then pretty much all of the following:

      • Quake 2 through 4
      • Unreal 1 (under UT99) and many other mods (Xidia/Operation Napali)
      • UT99
      • UT2K4
      • RTCW
      • Doom 3 and D3 RoE
      • Neverwinter Nights (I have also SoU and HotU)
      • Shogo MAD (the Hyperion version)
      • Serious Sam (first encounter)
      • Penumbra (both games)

      Open Source
      • Battle for Wesnoth
      • Frozen Bubble
      • Open Arena (I still like some elements better in Q3A, tho)
      • Urban Terror
      • Super Tux
      • Super Tux Cart
      • Neverball/Neverputt
      • Free Droid RPG (what can I say, I do like it)
      • GNOME/KDE Games (especially solitaire and Mahjong)

      Lastly, lots of Wine, I won't go into which games I do play under Wine (as requested by Michael).
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        Originally posted by Joe Sixpack View Post

        You mean to tell me I'm the only person in here that likes PokerTH?

        I'm an old school Linux gamer - I still play chromium :P
        Ever since it vanished from the repos in Fedora, I have been longing for it (though I know I can still install the Fedora Core 2 rpm), it is my understanding that the game has been largely unmaintained.


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          I also have, though do not play them as much, not to mention one has a complete substitute:
          • Rune for Linux
          • Soldier of Fortune for Linux
          • Unreal Tournament 2003


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            Games I currently play somewhat regularly:
            • Quake 4
            • Doom 3
            • Unreal Tournament 2004
            • Sauerbrauten
            • Warzone 2100
            • Battle for Wesnoth

            Commerical games I'd like to purchase in near future:
            • Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
            • Never Winter Nights

            I also plan to experiment with Nexuiz, Glest and Freeciv. I'll eventually get around to trying the other open source FPS games, and I'm always looking for good strategy games (though time limits my ability to actually play them...). At some point I'll probably look at TORCS, x-plane and flight gear.


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              Openarena 99.99% of the time.

              On the freak side, and at the time of the last cigarette before leaving work, Slingshot match against some colleague.


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                I play Frozen Bubble and KQ (final fantasy style clone, open source).


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                  Oooh - while Wine's on the table, put down SWF (Flash) as well - I'd play more flash games if the proprietary Linux player wasn't buggy...


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                    Michael, this is not fair, there are simply too many games a single person can care to have, even if you don't play them all the time... How could I have forgotten three other games (two commercial, one free) such as:

                    *Glest (very well done, if only its map editor was easier to use [or there was a 3D based map editor] and I'd very much appreciate a campaign, there's plenty with the current two factions to come up with a campaign, problem is if it does support scripting)

                    *Heretic II, I loved this game back in the day, and simply forgot about it.

                    *Hexen II, I know though not "officially" ported there are native binaries to run it on Linux (I simply never cared, but maybe I'll install it again just for kicks)


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                      Originally posted by deanjo View Post
                      It could with all the expansion packs. Best damn linux native game around. Tons of replay value.
                      Damn right there! I have that and Kingmaker, and other Premium modules. That should count for umm... more!

                      Ever since I've installed it on Linux, I've never really uninstalled it. It's also a good reference point while working on Neveredit.