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Epic Games Does Suppress Linux Talk

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    Registered to make this post....

    I'm not surprised Epic are suppressing such talk, Atari did/do similar things with the epic failure that is/was Test Drive Unlimited... a highly unstable game which neither Atari, their internal dev team, or anyone else could explain why multiple people across different platforms were getting the same issue.

    Forums, more specifically game producer forums, are very tightly regulated and controlled these days; you can't bad mouth or show a product to be defective.


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      Originally posted by etymxris View Post
      ... However, epic at least owes us a statement to that effect.
      You know what? Screw it, Epic Fail. I won't buy the game (even if it actually does come out). Take that to the PR department... there is one right?


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        Originally posted by Svartalf View Post
        In all honesty, this one's gone just a bit far.

        We need to handle this well- no badgering them. Just shine the light of the facts (including the details that they're deleting posts...) on them from off of the Internet. We need to make sure that the whole story shows in Slashdot, Digg (done...make it soar up, gang...), Boing-Boing (if possible...), Linux Games, and Linux Today.

        You don't play these games. If you can't ship it, SAY SO. If you can, don't be doing this sort of crap.
        Don't know if it will have any effect, but I have contacted Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, responsible for the Hardware 2.0 blog at, about this and asked him to see if he would give this issue some coverage (hence exposure) or try and see if he could get some sort of statement off Epic, I mean, he's IT press after all. We'll see what comes out of this, I hope we can get as much exposure as possible.


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          how on earth do I digg this Epic Games Linux snafu article? It's time Linux folks fight back!


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            While it's entirely up to epic to release a linux client (or not), I have to agree with everyone that what they're doing here is going a bit far. The UT franchise requires community support to keep it going (e.g mods) which in turn keep their game, and hence engine, known and appealing to companies wanting to license their tech. To me, what they're doing here is a classic sign of the collective game company growing too large an ego and thinking they can do whatever they want, and people will like it. Time will tell how all this affects Epic as a whole I guess.


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              In my RSS feed I seen Icculus updated his blog. I had hoped for a half-second that it was about UT3, but then when I clicked the link, absolutely no mention of UT3:
              Michael Larabel


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                Originally posted by Svartalf View Post
                Go for it. This needs to be made a bit more public than they really wanted it to be after these two cute stunts of theirs.
                News has been submitted to the Inquirer, The Register, and Arstechnica. Can't find any contact info on Toms. If somebody has the contact info for some other sites I will gladly fire off a news submission if they PM me the email addies to do so for other sites.
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                  Originally posted by Michael View Post
                  In my RSS feed I seen Icculus updated his blog. I had hoped for a half-second that it was about UT3, but then when I clicked the link, absolutely no mention of UT3:
                  Heh... You're being too hopeful Michael.

                  The behaviors are consistent with a company operating under an NDA precluding them discussing anything on the given subject, in this case, the Client for Linux. As to what precipitated the NDA, your guess is as good as mine- the rumor of a piece of middleware may be true as all get out. It may not even be the middleware that went into the Linux client that's the problem; it could be a certain console one...

                  We may never hear anything out of them.


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                    I guess we'll never know for sure what is the hold up and why have they decided to forsake Linux talk from the forums. Maybe they were asked by Microsoft to do so in order to have the game in the 360 (a long shot and it'd be stretching it) or they simply lost interest... Whatever the reason, as I've said before, it's their prerogative.

                    I hope Ryan keeps on working in interesting projects for Linux.


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                      I do see a silver lining in the fact that they have not simply flat out canned the Linux client altogether. No news is still good news in this case. I believe Epic still wants to release it, especially if they've already paid one or more developers like Ryan Gordon to port it. I also believe that Microsoft has had a heavy hand in preventing it from being released. Gears of War was a huge success on the 360 and it would not surprise me if Microsoft and Epic made an exclusivity agreement for Gears of War 2 and as part of that agreement prevented the Unreal Engine from being ported to other platforms such as the PS3 and/or Linux for a certain amount of time as is typically done for most exclusive console titles.

                      My only hope at this point is that the 5+ wait is not an indication that Epic will abandon all future Linux endeavors. The fact that they've publicly announced their love for consoles to the detriment of even the Windows platform has me even more concerned for the future of Epic games on Linux.