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5 Months And Still No UT3 For Linux

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    It's a big shame. I do dual-boot with Windows, but only because I cannot let go of FFXI. I keep getting very tempted to buy UT3, since I still play both UT and UT2004 today - that decision would be so much easier if they released a Linux client. I do not like dual-booting, it's a pain having to switch between OS's, so being able to play previous UT's without having to log back into Windows is great.

    I'm not overly surprised about Epic's reaction, they've been the centre of some pretty shoddy PR handling over the past 2 years, Mark Rein especially has a habit of speaking without considering the consequences and how it will be taken. The guy just has no idea about how to approach PR. Knowing Rein's past record, he probably didn't mean to describe the Linux client as a 'pet project' in the frankly insulting way it came across, it's just so typical of Mark to say something like that, but not actually mean it quite like that.

    Here's another conspiracy theory to throw into the works, Epic is one of the key players in the recently established 'PC Gaming Alliance', an alliance that seems to be very Windows-centric.


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      Originally posted by Shakey_Jake33 View Post
      Here's another conspiracy theory to throw into the works, Epic is one of the key players in the recently established 'PC Gaming Alliance', an alliance that seems to be very Windows-centric.
      For all intents and purposes, in the gaming scene "PC" is but a synonym of "Windows" (with just two letters), but term PC encompasses x86(_64) Linux, Mac and Windows "PCs"... and even in that context it is used "wrong", PC is simply "Personal Computer" regardless of the architecture (PowerPC, SPARC, x86[_64], IA64, PA-RISC, MIPS, etc), so long as it remains personal.

      At any rate, wasn't there a Microsoft "initiative" to label and market "Games for Windows" to give Vista big push?


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        Oh - yes ... Windows centric alliance.
        However - note that Microsoft is having big issues with Vista anyway. So - if they're not carefull - they'll ground.

        According to my research - Microsoft is in the phase of Fighting according to this First they Laugh at you .... Here some more links available on this ...Check it out
        Now - if that really is phase 3 we are talking about - it will really be only a matter of Cash until they admit they lost

        I could even link this beheaviour of Epic to Microsoft's inability to really get Vista on the Market as expected. NOw imagin UT3 would run better under Linux than Windows Vista - what then ???


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          The only thing most companies understand is money. So lets make a "boycott" list of companies which are not taking Linux users seriously and stop buying games and stuff from them. Epic has just made it to my list.

          (My problem is actually that I don't have enough time to play the games I buy, I bought QW:ET when it came to Linux, and still have only logged 4-5 hours playing it I actually make it a point to buy games that look half-decent and which support Linux, even if I almost never play them...)

          The only thing I don't like about most Linux-games is that they don't have a dedicated Linux-game, so there is no way for the developers to know how many Linux-only games they have sold.


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            WE should just make sure no more linux servers are used to host the games ... Imagine how unstable and Virus prone the new game-servers would be ...

            Guess that would be a direct Strike to all of them !


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              As if... Official game servers (you know, the ones run by the publishers and studios that developed the game?) more often than not use Linux to host those servers, so what then?


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                Looks like it's getting coverage on linux today now.



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                  It's gotten coverage on LinuxGames...



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                    Is there going to be a linux client at all?


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                      some speculations near the end: