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Nexuiz 2.4 Offers Impressive Graphics

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    Michael, I've done more testing and this version (2.4 and 2.3, too) works fine with Kubuntu 7.10 default radeon driver on radeon 9600. It's really playable (with GLSL and dynamic lighning disabled, but even with that it looks very good). On Kubuntu 8.04 it looks and works terrible as I've said before with 2.3, so I think it was related to driver/mesa version.
    This game is great. Good work, Nexuiz Developers.


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      Screenshots look great, downloading...


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        Everything cranked to max 1600x1200 and smooth as butter on a 8800GT / AMD X2 6400 BE / openSUSE 10.3 64


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          I just tested it out on a X1600XT and it runs very well, I ran the game at 1280x1024 with most settings turned up like HDR and deluxemapping, except for shadows and a couple other settings, but most of them were on. The game looks pretty good, I think the new Nex looks awesome. I was getting 35+ frames per second.

          It is definitely test suite worthy though. And if you run this game with anti aliasing, it will make a big impact on performance due to the amount of shaders used in the game. (That is if you have them turned on).


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            Nexuiz 2.4.2


            * New gamemode Onslaught new available in the menu
            * Added map for the onslaught gamemode (ons-reborn)
            * Completely new announcer sounds/voices
            * Fixed several problems with lagging gameplay/crashes/wrong display of effects
            * The teammessage binds are available in the menu (if you do not see them delete or rename your config.cfg)
            * New server tools for rcon and an irc gateway, updated server documentation
            * Fixed the rotating textures/hud bug on Mac OSX with r_glsl 1
            * new crylink primary attack and tweaked some other weapons
            * implemented uint16 element array support, this hopefully improves performance on Radeon 9500-X300 cards and GeForce1/2 cards


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              My frames improved considerably with 2.4.2

              min30 avg50 max117

              min39 avg71 max130


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                Mine too. Previously there was weird stuttering when fps was below 150, and it made the game unplayable; it seemed to skip a few frames every tenth of a second. Now with 2.4.2 as that's gone: I can play on full settings at 1280x1024 without any slowdown or stuttering (well using the secondary fire of Electro and making the electric balls blow up still puts my 8800 GT to it's knees).