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  • ET: Quake Wars Threaded Renderer

    Phoronix: ET: Quake Wars Threaded Renderer

    Accompanied by an updated Windows release, last week id Software had released its Enemy Territory: Quake Wars v1.4 update for Linux. We have previously shared most of the details surrounding this major ET: Quake Wars update with the same changes as the Windows build. One of the most interesting features, however, is the new threaded renderer for improved multi-core performance.

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    For me it is faster performance. Probably about a 25% improvement.
    UPDATE: I actually wasn't using the threaded render binary, but Ill try it now. I did get a speed increase just from the patch from what I can tell

    Im using an intel core2 quad q6600, but I am getting crashes from something...

    In the log I can see some messages about alsa errors.. im using the onboard intel hda

    Nvidia 8800 gt, with the latest module...

    ubuntu gutsy
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      Now that I've tried the threaded renderer, Id say it is faster for me than the normal one in gameplay, i can even manage 2x anti aliasing / 8x antiscoptic on my 8800gt / core 2 quad, but the anti aliasing slows down stuff a bit. theres so many edges in the game that the anti aliasing makes it easier to see, but since the fps is lower its hard to decide whats the better option

      also the threaded renderer hasn't crashed for me... yet


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        I think you guys are doing it wrong. I only have a dual core system, and I don't see any change in performance at all (maybe 1fps greater) when using -rthread. But I DEFINITELY don't see a reduction in frames.

        Take note: Running the game with ./etqw-rthread.x86 is not enough.

        You must also +set r_useThreadedRenderer "2", either on the command line when starting or within the user's cfg file.

        Please re-run your benchmarks with these settings.


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          64bit binary?

          Has there been any mentioning of a 64bit binary?


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            hrmph, i dunno maybe the threded binary is running slow, i dunno, I havn't tried the cvar tho, is there any standard timedemo or something like that for actually doing a somewhat scientific benchmark?


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              running the rthred binary with that cvar at 0 or 2 is worse than the normal binary on my quad core. havn't tried 1 yet


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                setting it to one seems just as bad, its probably a thread priority issue. perhaps the sched is to blame in some way, im using gutsy default on ( 22 ) but maybe cfs or staircase would do better, but im just talking out of my ass


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                  even tho the threaded render is not figured out yet, the 1.4 patch was a definite performance improvement for me


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                    This patch is an improvement, parts of the game are smoother (and the ballance tweaks are good)

                    As far as the threadedrenderer... jury's out.
                    I setup a 5min time demo (some flying,crashing,blowing up...) and running the etqw.x86 I got 79fps. Using the etqw-rthread.x86 (with threadedrenderer set to 2 AND ensuring that the modded libSDL is loaded) I got 79.4fps

                    ie no change. This is on a Core2 E6600 and a 7900gt. The thing is since QuakeWars has come out it has NEVER saturated my CPU, even now it sits at 85% of one of the cores (the 2nd is at 0.7% taking some services).

                    Others in my clan (with quads and 8800's) also say while that patch feels nicer, raw improvements haven't appeared.

                    So it looks like the testing done here wasn't done fully BUT threadedrenderer isn't fully setup for linux


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                      According to id Software, this threaded renderer will shine on systems with more than two cores, so really just quad-core and octal-core systems (for now).
                      You misunderstood what the guy from Id was saying. The threaded renderer does give a performance increase on dual core systems but it was expected to give a greater increase on 4+ cores. This is shown in the results of numerous benchmarks of the window$ 1.2 client and in my own benchmarks of the 1.4 Linux client. If you have a dual core system and you aren't seeing a noticeable improvement then you weren't CPU limited to begin with. That's why people with high end c2d and c2q systems aren't seeing much of an increase.
                      So far I've only tested at the settings I play at. I'll do some low res totally CPU limited tests but for now here are my results:
                      Opteron 165 @ 2727mhz
                      2gb DDR550 3-4-4-8 1t
                      8800GT core 700mhz memory 2000mhz 512mb
                      Ubuntu 7.10 x86-64 2.6.22-14-rt kernel
                      Nvidia 169.07 drivers
                      "checkpoint 1.4" demo 1600x1200 all in-game settings set to maximum 16xaf 2xaa
                      threaded renderer '2'
                      51.3 fps
                      threaded renderer '0'
                      42.7 fps
                      It might not seem like much of an increase but it improved FPS where it really counted. With the threaded renderer enabled I never see under 30fps and it drops to 30 less often.


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                        Hmm I did a timenetdemo and got:

                        etqw.x86 : 76fps
                        etqw-rthread.x86: 76fps r_usethreadedrenderer = 0
                        etqw-rthread.x86: 70fps r_usethreadedrenderer = 1
                        etqw-rthread.x86: 78fps r_usethreadedrenderer = 2

                        patched SDL lib was loaded.

                        Gfx card is 7800GTX (169.09 drivers), cpu is C2D @ 3.1ghz, OS is Gentoo 2.6.24 kernel (32bit).

                        GPU bottleneck?
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                          I am on ubuntu gutsy, and am not sure how to aquire this patched sdl...


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                            ooopps now I see the patch in my quake wars directory.. but will this be to much trouble on old binary packaged ubuntu ?


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                              Originally posted by oneman View Post
                              ooopps now I see the patch in my quake wars directory.. but will this be to much trouble on old binary packaged ubuntu ?
                              the patch is shipped to comply with the L/GPL and for those that want to use their system libSDL (gentoo-ers). The QuakeWars runtime also ships with a libSDL file (in the games working directory). IF you run via the bash script for etqw-rthread (not the etqw-rthread.x86 binary) it will load the patched libSDL from the games working directory

                              so in short you don't have todo anything magic, just use the right launcher