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SuperTuxKart Is Driving A More Advanced Graphics Engine

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    Originally posted by Azpegath View Post
    This looks great! I've always felt SuperTuxCart needed some huge graphics improvements to be interesting (both to gamers and developers) and to gain any real audience.
    Really? I thought the game should be fun.
    I tried version 0.8 and it was just lame. Mario Kart 64 is fun despite outdated graphics.
    Hopefully they'll improve the gameplay as well.


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      If you guys want to help, but feel your art skills aren't up to par, then i suggest some of you look into animation.
      I made a bunch of models for 0AD, but I never got around to animate them (or texturing them). A few of them have been textured and modeled by other people so far, but there are still several that's missing.

      Like this thing for example. Should just be running around and pecking at the ground.
      It requires some research into how the animal walks/runs, and then tweaking and improving. You'd be greatly appreciated and you get the warm fuzzy feeling from helping out and working together.

      SuperTuxCart too is lacking in animation. Everything is a bit to stiff.


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        Originally posted by hiker View Post
        Recommended is 3.3, but it should still work reasonably with 3.1 (and we will investigate what else we can support).
        hmm, gl3 would put it out of reach of freedreno/adreno.. gl2+extensions or gles3 is about the limit.

        Originally posted by hiker View Post
        If your performance is CPU bound then try to disable kart animations, and/or reduce the number of karts. Usually the graphics are the main problem, and only the animations can be a problem for CPU (since they are done on CPU and not GPU). Everything else runs just fine on most 'reasonable' platforms (though of course you can argue what 'reasonable' exactly is ).
        right, definitely scales w/ # of karts, etc. It's still good for ~40fps in most of the levels at 720p. At 1080p it starts to become gpu limited instead at ~33fps.

        Some might not call this platform "reasonable".. this is arm/snapdragon. Figures above are from fedora f20 on the amazon firetv sitting in front of me.. so snapdragon-600. The current snapdragon-800's or upcoming stuff should be faster still. But supertuxkart is a pretty fun little game to play on this thing :-)


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          Nice, I am impressed.


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            Originally posted by Nobu View Post
            The other game you're thinking of is probably Tux Racer.
            Yep, that's the one!


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              This looks absolutely amazing, great work by the developer! Can't wait to try it out when the stable version is released.

              I do hope we can still tune the graphics down to low settings for legacy machines though... even a crappy GeForce 210 can play SuperTuxKart 60fps at 720p with the current engine.