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Steam's Hardware Survey Shows Not Much For Linux

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  • Originally posted by johnc View Post
    I'm skeptical that Wayland (or Mir) would be able to provide any significant performance improvement over DRI2 in X.

    Not saying there aren't other advantages, however.
    oh noooo The Mir/Wayland war has found its way to this thread!

    On a serious note, and it may end up being a lame question, but why deal in numbers that are not concrete? Steam has every member's info. Why cant it query their members profiles and have specific numbers regarding what platform they are using?

    I am damn thankful for the work porting games over to Linux. Kidney stone operation kept me sidelined for a few weeks and I have been killing quite a few zombies from Killing Floor.


    • Originally posted by curaga View Post
      Carmack could not make ray tracing work well at 640x480 on modern hardware. UE4 does not have true ray tracing, it has voxel cone tracing at a limited resolution, far less than the screen's. If you read the voxel cone paper, it could barely do 30fps at 1024x768 on a high-end gpu.
      Tim Sweeney said that voxel cone tracing is used to calculate lighting only in UE4.