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Brütal Legend Is Exciting To Linux Gamers

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  • Brütal Legend Is Exciting To Linux Gamers

    Phoronix: Brütal Legend Is Exciting To Linux Gamers

    With today's debut of the Humble Double Fine Bundle, Linux gamers seem particularly excited by the debut of the Brütal Legend game for the penguin platform...

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    Yeah, I like Rob and Ozzy and I remember Lita, but Jack Black? Any trailer that's all cut scenes is a bit of a warning, isn't it? "We had no good gameplay to show you, so please accept these cut scenes instead."


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      Fun game

      I like Brutal Legend, it's one of those 3d adventure games where you run around completing mini quests. It's got a reasonable storyline, but the real stars are the songs. Real classic metal music from many of the greats of the genre. It's a fun ride through metal. I was given a PS3 copy for my birthday last year and I really enjoyed it, my mate and I are big metal heads. It's sort of a niche product but if you're into metal/heavy rock music you should get a kick out of it.


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        I've been playing this on my Ivybridge laptop using Mesa master and it's working pretty much flawlessly.
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          this bundle is very good.

          Double fine managed to port all these other titles to linux

          Also Broken-Age (aka double fine adv.) will be awesome and a good opportunity for those of us who may have missed the kickstarter. And even shirts !

          The avg. from linux users is higher than usual


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            It works with r600g (on RV770) , but the shadows are messed up and performance is really quite poor. Furthermore, it crashes with mesa master and R600_DEBUG=sb.

            Originally posted by madjr
            The avg. from linux users is higher than usual
            Probably because the top contributor is a linux user. The linux average has gone down ~3$ since I bought the bundle so buyers aren't actually paying that much...
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              Sadly I can't buy this bundle without a credit card.


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                Humble Bundle should start accepting bitcoins... I want to buy Linux games with bitcoin, that'd be great for my geek cred


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                  That's awesome! Did anyone spotted the Linux version on Steam?


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                    Lol. Fscking-A!