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Brütal Legend Is Exciting To Linux Gamers

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    Originally posted by mibo View Post
    So, I think I found out what the problem is.
    I played Brutal Legend to a point where it crashed reproducible (3 times). Then I deactivated the KDE power management service (powerdevil) and I could play on without crashing...

    It seems, powerdevil switched off my monitor or does other stupid stuff to let Cat 13.6beta crash.
    Whom should I report this problem to? AMD? KDE? DoubleFine?
    Try enabling powerdevil, but disable everything in KDE power settings then turn it on and on step by step; especially things that wait 20 minutes of inactivity (that you can set to 5 minute, one by one, to reduce the testing time)

    You will have to open bugs on both KDE/Powerdevil and DoubleFine. This has nothing to do with AMD(yet). I think its BL grabbing mouse and keyboard illegally from system the way that it makes KDE think devices are inactive the whole time. If thats confirmed and fixed - there is another bug associated with BL - ability to resume game from sleep, and that might get couped with AMD driver. I mean, game should be able to go into standy and resume from it gracefully.