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Valve Celebrates Steam For Linux

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    Originally posted by BO$$ View Post
    You no longer die from HIV you idiot. And no closed source drivers are not the same with HIV nor cancer. Fucking zealot. Finally somebody turns he's attention to linux and you tell him to go fuck himself. You are the reason linux doesn't get off the ground. You and your fucking Stallman-like beliefs...
    Thank you, I agree 100%

    Who is to blame for teamfortress 2 not running (well ) on opensource drivers ?
    He should stay honest, it's not Valve fault.

    And there is another reason why I get fed up with this wining about open source.

    After a windows install, one of the first things I do, is install the drivers from nvidia or amd.
    I need them if I want to game.

    I do not use openSUSE because its opensource. That is a plus, but its not the reason to use it.

    Thank to Valve we finally are getting drivers that can compare to the ones on windows, that is far more important to me then anything else.

    Amd has suddenly a place to report problems. because of Valve and promised to Valve that they would listen.

    Then some people come here and tell Valve to go fuck themselves....

    Blaming a company that is investing allot of money for Linux.
    If they only wanted to make a console, they did not have to release steam for linux.


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      Pallidus achieved something special.

      On all the forums I visited, I never blocked anyone.
      he is the first.


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        Originally posted by Pallidus View Post
        The joys of living in buttfuck europe is that EVERYONE pirates and no one gives a shit. I know COMPANIES that work using pirated photoshops and autocads...
        Yes, piracy is rampant here, but the software companies, *cough* microsoft *cough*, do not make it easy to cheaply manage your licenses.

        Originally posted by Pallidus View Post
        edit: btw explain this to me

        HOW DOES A KID, or anyone really, who doesn't have a bank account ergo a visa or a mastercard, or who really doesn't want to own credit cards buy shit from steam???
        Easy, "Daddy can you type in your credit card number?"


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          Originally posted by pumrel View Post
          I hope so too. I don't really care about DRM. I'm not gonna install the games on every computer I see, just on the one I will be playing on, so what's the matter. More important is to support this tentative, pay for the games and use steam. Valve won't support something that is not worth the effort and money the put in.
          And you can install steam games on more then one pc. You can only start one at a time though.


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            That's correct but you should disable the Steam Guard then, otherwise it is a bit annoying when you always needs a confirmation email.


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              Just use paypal, it supports direct debit from a non credit carded bank account. Honestly though, who cares if a kid without a credit card can't buy from steam? there are so many ways they can get the item it's ridiculous. More importantly Steam on Linux will eventually lead to more game devs on Linux, more tools on linux, and more hobbyists making open source games on Linux. Once the tools come over people will start making more content. Don't believe me? I used to make game mods all the time, and I stopped when I was trying to mod an open source engine because there just weren't any tools to do the graphics on Linux. Blender is not a replacement for Caligari TrueSpace in my workflow. I tried for ages to compensate but TrueSpace just had the only modelling system I could understand naturally. This wa the same even for Maya and 3DS Max. I couldn't use them, but I could use TrueSpace. This is what I've been trying to impress on Linux people for years. Blender can't substitute an application like that because you get used to a workflow and the new interface just doesn't feel right. I even tried to rewrite TrueSpace on Linux as an application so I could have my workflow back, but writing a 3D modeller is really hard. More Games/Tools on Linux can only be a good thing for Linux gaming.


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                Originally posted by Kamikaze View Post
                C'mon Q, you can do better then this! The other crazies are making you look bad! If you really acted the way you thought was right you'd agree that the best course of action against DRM is to stick to your principles and refuse to use the DRM'd software. Advocating copyright infringement just makes you look like a hypocrite when you support the GPL! What gives?
                Overall thatís a big mistake because: Iím not a Troll I really use the radeon driver and i really tried to play teamfortress2.

                The others you call animal names are really strange there is a pirate windows version and they also can pirate windows it just makes no sense to use a legal version of a free operating system "Linux" to use pirate software only to not pirate windows.

                The real point is what I say makes sense! what the pirate Troll says make no "sense" at all.

                "If you really acted the way you thought was right"

                The only person in the world you have to explain your acting is your self.

                For all the other persons there are so many good Psychology books it does not worth it to explain these people anything.

                If you want to know why people act like humans buy Psychology books on Amazon and don't waste my time on that.

                "Advocating copyright infringement just makes you look like a hypocrite when you support the GPL! What gives?"

                In my point of view you are wrong here just because the GPL as a license is only there because the copyright law is broken!

                In a word without self-justice closed source software would be against the law because its a kind of self-justice.

                On the other side all people who use your "code" would pay for your code not because of self-justice but because of real justice.

                Because of this the GPL is only to fix broken copyright law!

                Just fix the copyright law and no one ever do have the need for GPL at all.


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                  Originally posted by vitiv View Post
                  I'm really hoping these jackasses are just a vocal minority. I hope that not so many Linux users are willing to kill their nascent gaming market because they feel entitled to a 3 dollar game.
                  These nutjobs are the same kind of people who join the Westboro Baptist church and go picket funerals claiming that god wants their children dead because the country is evil and supports homosexuals.

                  It's sickening, really.


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                    Originally posted by smitty3268 View Post
                    These nutjobs are the same kind of people who join the Westboro Baptist church and go picket funerals claiming that god wants their children dead because the country is evil and supports homosexuals.

                    It's sickening, really.
                    No, those are different nutjobs.


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                      Originally posted by TemplarGR View Post
                      The fair thing would be a try before you buy model, not with a demo, but the WHOLE GAME for 24 hours. The FULL version. Let the client appraise the quality of game and make his choice if he wants to support you or not. Let him judge if the price you ask is fair or not.
                      One of the reasons I love FOSS. I have a choice when it comes to compensation. I can choose to "tip" the people behind a programme if I like what they do. It's marvellous!


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                        When you get a game pass from a friend you can try the full game for usually 1 or 2 days. Sometimes there are free weekends to try games like L4D2 as well. I personally dislike a bit that the "default" price for many games is relatively high and you have to wait for special deals to buy em for a reasonable amount of money (interestingly the price depends on the country you live in, in Germany you pay usually 20% more than in the US but Russians get a 66% discount). Beside from that i basically like Steam supports gifts that you can give your friends (or receive of course). I did not notice of any DRM restrictions other than you can not start the Steam client on 2 systems the sam time. Without Steam Guard i have it on several systems preinstalled but can of course use only 1 at a time - basically thats fair and i hope that Valve is successfull with Linux and a possible Steambox. I hope that 3rd party games receice speed optimisations because they could be really faster compared to Win. Also the load times for Source engine games need to improve drastically...


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                          FWIW, I wasn't aware that you could get full trials like that on Steam. Good to know.

                          Still wouldn't touch it since Steam is malware, but hey, they're trying to be good malware


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                            I didn't know you could try out the full version too. It is a really nice development if this is happening, and i am sure a key part of the success of Valve. As i said, i used to pirate games, right now i don't because i don't game at all.


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                              Why the hate? Why you don't just enjoy the fruits and keep sitting on the fence: Certain GNU/Linux graphics drivers has become notable better because of Steam.


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                                so far, spend 25€... and more will come... bought Amnesia a couple of days too early...