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NVIDIA/AMD OpenGL Benchmarks Of Unigine Valley

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    i'm seeing a lot of AMD favoritism...

    Apart from the 680 only medium end or high-end(old) graphics cards were included.

    When benchmarking and comparing GPU performances like this, one should be taking the most popular cards. the most popular nvidia card today is i assume the 660-Ti (at least before the 600 series it was 560-Ti) it's the best card for the most fair price basically. however underneath the 680 there are only cards that in comparison to the 680 are nothing but shitty. whereas with amd it's more stable and gradually better and better cards.

    Still as always, nVidia will always be a step ahead of amd's gpus. and intel a step ahead of amd's cpus. amd is only there for being cheap. And without amd with intel and nvidia not with any real competition, prices wouldn't be this fair on processors and gpus today.