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Valve Pushes Out Half-Life For Linux

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    Originally posted by Kano View Post
    You can start counter strike using:
    cd ~/.steam/root/SteamApps/common/Counter-Strike
    LD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/.steam/bin:. ./hl_linux -game cstrike -console
    Then you can try "cl_showfps 1". It did not start on my netbook with 1024x600 fullscreen due to a bug, but just edited the hl.conf that is created on start and set it to windowed, then it gave me over 30 fps. That's really nice...
    Ah fantastic! I had tried setting -game cstrike on half life and copying some files from half life to counter strike folder but its so long since the WON days and my messing around with mods!
    Had also given up and got halfway through Half-Life

    Thank you am now playing Counter-Strike in Linux


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      My body is ready.


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        It has been a good day. Have to admit I like these little surprises Valve puts out. The sudden open beta of TF2 Linux port gave me the same feeling; they sure know how to make a gamer feel good :P


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          YES! Thank you valve, this is awesome.

          I think that valve doesn't want people saying "well why should I get the steambox, when less than half of my huge steam library runs on it", so they are working on at least having all *THEIR* stuff in there properly.

          For me, btw my linux games/all games ratio is 33/100.


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            Congratulations to Valve. Going to buy Half-Life then.


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              Originally posted by shmerl View Post
              Any way to buy it without Steam?
              This. If it was available outside of Steam, then it would be worth looking into. But as it is, eh.


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                Originally posted by nukem View Post
                Hopefully this means HL2 and Portal and coming soon.
                ...and CS:GO, CS:Source, L4D2.... I maybe tired of waiting but good things should come of this! Go Valve!

                Dear Valve, stop using flash please it blows.


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                  I guess it doesn't like Xubuntu and AMD?. I clicked Play and nothing happens. =(

                  Edit: nvm it started after a restart of Steam. =p Runs great!
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                    For those that can't look up/down:
                    Do you use a Locale that separates numbers with commas instead of points?
                    In the half life config m_pitch "0,022000" needs to be changed to m_pitch "0.022000".

                    sed -i 's/m_pitch "0,022000"/m_pitch "0.022000"/g' ~/Steam/SteamApps/common/Half-Life/config.cfg

                    That reminds me of
                    $ LC_ALL=C seq 0 0.5 1
                    $ LC_ALL=de_DE.utf8 seq 0 0.5 1


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                      Originally posted by TheLexMachine View Post
                      4. Many Linux users outside of the US are running setups with hardware that is several years old, ...
                      What are U talking about !


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                        I have the big box GOTY edition. Can you only play it if you bought it digitally?


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                          Since I got the Valve Pack I was wondering where it would take me (with GNU/Linux). Reading forums made me a little sad, as most people believed only Source games were worth the effort for Valve. I hope now we can get to play Half Life series beginning to end (my fear was that we would not). Great news!


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                            Originally posted by Spectre View Post
                            I have the big box GOTY edition. Can you only play it if you bought it digitally?
                            I don't think so. but you can simply find out, install it, and see what steam does.

                            Add game to library I believe, its called.

                            It then asks for the cd / dvd key of your game.


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                              Originally posted by r1348 View Post
                              Ok that came unexpected, I honestly expected to see their Source titles out first...

                              Edit: it's not listed in the Linux games and the Store page claims it's Windows-only... Where did you get this from Micheal?
                              Michael doesn't like to post his sources so other sites don't use them

                              Source is Here:

                              Also Counter Strike 1.6 is coming with instructions:

                              Originally posted by Spectre View Post
                              I have the big box GOTY edition. Can you only play it if you bought it digitally?
                              It should have a cd key to redeem on Steam if not you didn't get a legit copy (all Valve games have cd keys for redeeming on Steam).


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                                Originally posted by andrebrait View Post
                                So... it's happening...

                                Not that it's that important, the old GoldSrc games run pretty well under Wine. But native Linux games are always Good News... still waiting for L4D2, though.
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