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    Originally posted by datenwolf View Post
    IMHO GPUs should be treated as a co-processor that can be used by and program (given the right permissions) without requiring to have some on-screen framebuffer available. What a GPU renders should not go out to a display device directly, but to some portion of memory (the bandwidth of PCI-E does suffice for this). The output connectors (by which I mean the image transmitters) should not be depending to the GPUs RAM, but to a separate portion of memory and work independent from the GPU drawing operations. Programs like X.Org would only connect to the display transmitters which would act like a 1990-ies style VGA framebuffer-to-display adaptor with no HW drawing acceleration at all. And it should be possible to map the render output of GPU on card A to the display transmitter memory on card B.
    I agree 100%. GPU's should no be considered as co-processors and it should be possible to pass information between them if so desired.

    As it turns out, today's hardware is perfectly capable of doing this. It's just that the current Linux graphics driver model doesn't support it. And unfortunately those functions required to support it (DMA-BUF) have been locked down to GPL only, which means NVidia will probably never support it.
    Ah, the downsides of the GPL license...