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Ubuntu 12.04 Needs New Drivers For Valve's Source

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    @zoomblab just some explanation why some people went aggressive against you and your post:

    What you said (in your first post) was, that your graphiccard does not work with AMD's driver.

    What you meant was that AMD's driver does not work with Ubuntu 12.10.

    Also while it helps reducing frustration, it doesn't help you with your problem to write such a post...and while you may not be able to hack around this, someone somewhere has figured out how to solve the problem (in fact, in all the years I am on the interwebz it was only in two or three cases that I was the 'first' person to encounter a real problem. (aside from beta tests of games)).

    In the future, if you've the urge to write such a post. Do it, but after you are done read it think about what you really want (that the problem goes away) think how this post will help you with that task (not much), take a deep breath (not a must), delete the text in the unposted textbox and create a thread in the appropiate forum and ask for help. Also check your favorite search engine's search results.
    Good day/evening/night.
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      Originally posted by zoomblab View Post
      Did you know that in order to install the official catalyst 12.10 driver (downloaded from you have to have: debhelper, dh-make, dh-modaliases, execstack, lib32gcc1, libc6-i386 and dkms packages also installed? AMD made me learn that and I kept notes. Unfortunatelly that pain only helped as far as successfuly installing a broken driver. Indeed my knowledge is low. I don't even know how to compile the kernel. These things are like obvious to you guys right?
      Did you know on driver page there is link to wiki where all this things is explained?
      Did you know, Catalyst 12.10 is incompatible with Ubuntu 12.10, and you need to install drive from Ubuntu repository or 12.11 Beta instead? (It's explained in wiki too.)
      Looks like you tried driver from Ubuntu repository, but without at least dmesg and Xorg.0.log (you may take it using LiveCD) there is not much we can do to understand what fail on your setup.

      If you have unbootable Ubuntu 12.10 with Catalyst 12.10, then boot from this disk/flash go to Advanced>Rescue>answer bunch of questions>select system partition>Execute a shell in your system partition. Now you can remove driver and, if you want, try again with 12.11 Beta (if result will be the same - give us logs this time).


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        I have installed nvidia driver 304.64 in mint 13 mate 32bit (ubuntu 12.04), on a 7600GT. This driver seems to run great and what little 3D content I could run ran smooth.
        I copied a few warez games for Windows from a remote host, only Warcraft III works reliably or at all (but with a sound bug) ; I could run CS:Source's stress test totally fine (not a local server with bots, plain Wine 1.4 was not up the task).

        So I'm confident Steam will work and give me playable games. I'd wish to get DoD:Source and CS:Source, which I never played (I had Steam many years ago with all the HL1 games but even then I would rather run Counterstrike 1.5)

        Driver was a bitch to install, after troubleshooting (don't forget to set up a readable text console on ctrl-alt-f1/f2/etc.) I made some progress : I had driver 295.40 present in the package manager, so I needed to uninstall those packages. Then nvidia 304.64 installation, from the downloaded 38MB "script", still failed. Now it's nouveau that pissed me off, so of course you have to blacklist the module but I missed something for some reason, then I get the desktop working in VESA, I don't remember why I did that but it was nice being able to do so.
        Then it was fixed, 304.64 was correctly installed.

        But at almost every step, I would frantically try to fuck with the /etc/X11/xorg.conf, and called "service mdm stop" and "service mdm start" a billion times. Now I remember, nvidia driver used to say in a text mode error message, "No screens found", it took me some time to clean up the xorg.conf with some stupidity hanging in it (a Screen "1", the old 8400GS as Device "0", Modeline stuff I had failed to get working but was still there)
        And the worst thing is, my xorg.conf says Driver "vesafb", but it's the nvidia driver that runs! (it took over when it was correctly installed and working)

        I know this stuff isn't always easy but having to fuck around this much as an experienced user, with some things that don't make sense, is too much. Anyone else I know (barring a couple of people) would have given up, or even left the computer unable to start a graphical session and reinstalled the OS.
        Years back I remember nvidia driver installation from terminal totally painless on Ubuntu 8.04 and/or 10.04 (or was it 7.04). A pain in the ass on Debian Lenny, but the successive fixes for the failures were more logical.


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          I've found a good account on how to run fglrx on a radeon 4800 in ubuntu 12.10
          Support has been dropped from AMD, so what you can try is downgrading the Xorg server. See there on comment number 71 :

          I stick to nvidia GPUs, as even when a GPU gets put in a legacy status, the driver is frozen but updated for newer Xorg servers and fixing critical bugs (if there were any). So the 7600GT I now run is good to go till 2017 (then, I could stick do a distro version of year 2017 for a few years if I still want to run it)