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Will Blizzard Be Bringing Their Games To Linux?

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  • Will Blizzard Be Bringing Their Games To Linux?

    Phoronix: Will Blizzard Be Bringing Their Games To Linux?

    It looks like Blizzard agrees with Valve: Microsoft Windows 8 is a wreck. But will Blizzard be bringing their games natively to Linux?..

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    I doubt Blizzard is interested in trying to make Linux into a better platform for end users like Valve is. I think they're going to try to find a legal way around the 30% share of profits that Microsoft wants. Though I think there's more to this then that, cause I would imagine it's very easy to get around the Windows app store 30%. Could be that Microsoft wants 30% of any sale on Windows 8, regardless of how it was sold.


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      Originally posted by Dukenukemx View Post
      I doubt Blizzard is interested in trying to make Linux into a better platform for end users like Valve is.
      Me either - but having their games would be nice enough.
      Well, I guess, time will tell - as long as there ain't any plans, I won't be too excited, but at least it's good to hear that Blizz also disklikes Windows 8


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        Blizzard is one of the most pro-DRM, anti-user companies out there, but there is no denying that they make some really awesome games.

        I'm pretty skeptical they'll make any big linux push, but who knows. If they just make their games WINE friendly that isn't so bad.


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          Who the hell actually LIKES Windows 8 for real anyways? I can understand Windows 7, although not perfect, is far more useful as a general O.S. This Windows 8 kludge is meant for tablets. M$ has been shown by thousands of its users and hundreds of their most vocal supporters on their development blog, that:

          tablet != desktop.

          Unfortunately they've failed to realize this fatal error and continued with this Metro crap, and this grave mistake will cost them dearly, mark my words. I've used Windows since 3.1, and Windows 8 is BY FAR WORSE than any other version ever released (including Vista and Millennium Edition)! And yes, I've tried them all, including the early alpha pre-releases all the way down to the latest release candidate (consumer preview or whatever they call it nowadays). For the first time in years I managed to BSOD my PC so bad that I had to reformat the entire SSD (while doing nothing unusual!). Failure is a word M$ will to have get used to unless they're willing to change for the better, like actually listening to what their biggest customers want.
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            Valve, and if Blizzard wakes up and focuses on the future instead of only on itself, can set the world free by making Linux the greatest desktop there ever was. Linux has already more or less commoditized the server OS market, and the final frontier is where Apple now has the furthest reach. Games can draw people in like nothing else, and it is probably the best/safest bet for the two game behemoths of making Linux the world's desktop. It's high time this happened.


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              Blizzard sure has the technical know-how to make it happen. It's all in the management... which might be convinced if it sees Valve's investment pay off.


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                I doubt Blizzard will go in until Valve sinks or swims on it's Linux venture, however I wish they checked for a Wine key. It would reveal sooo many more Linux users than they think playing their games.


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                  Would love to see blizzard, but their games work on wine pretty well as far as I know, so not that much to gain immediately (I think).

                  Would be better if we could get more engines on the linux train like Unreal engine.

                  I wonder If they have any plans to include linux in their supported platforms again now that unity and source engine are doing so ?


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                    world of warcraft versus wine

                    The Cedega related scandal dates really back in the day. It appears that, at some point the Cedega software clashed with WoW's anti cheating system. And, they had it fixed in decent timing (considering that Wine wasn't and isn't an official platform.
                    Personally i was able to play wow through Wine for few years in a round...starting with The Burning Crusade (i think ). Now i had enough of it. I was also able to play Starcraft II nicely (even if it doesnt have OpenGL support on the Windows build) without getting banned or otherwise.

                    The quality of the gameplay on Warcraft III, DIablo II, World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2 (these I've played on Linux) makes me think that Blizz is keeping an eye open on what happens on Wine side, and i'd dare to say that they even work unofficially to make their products compatible.

                    Never played Diablo III though.



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                      With MacOS/OpenGL compatibility, it's small effort from there to get more Linux compatibility. Emphasis on compatibility. Blizzard games have always run well in OpenGL (and even DirectX, but not as well as -opengl) in WINE, sans the occassional WINE regression oe driver issue. I personally ran WC3-FT on Ubuntu (after 6 rounds of dist-upgrades which really made the machine struggle) with a Sempron 1150 and 2GB RAM, onboard 6150 nVidia and 80GB HDD. Still managed to work a treat. But I digress.

                      For Blizzard, it'd not take much to move over. They can do native now. The OpenGL option has always been there for WoW and W3 at least, and there's not really that much in the likes of WoW, their cash-cow, (not sure about D3, and personally I'd put a bullet in my head that play it again) since their DX upgrades that couldn't either be updated, or jsut simply removed to make a stable client.

                      But why should they? What would they lose by opening up a Linux channel and, what would be gained? Various issues like MS' history of rape and pillage and payouts, linux lack of a coherent platform similar to consoles and Windows (XP, Vista, 7 et al compared to the Flagships Ubuntu and Fedora, with new versions every 6 months and Debian a rolling albeit stable distro!) come to mind. Unfortunately game companies tend to be extremely protective of thier assets because of rip-off's that occur within 3 months of leaked data (employee's paid off to supply? heheh conjecture, I love it) and I can only wonder why considering they would considering they've danced the jig to the likes of Nintendo, Sega, Sony and MS for decades.

                      Anyway, just putting out some perspective in the hopes of seeking more yummy input.


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                        Soo... This entire non-article can be summarized with one word: "No". Again Michael, this isn't an article, it's a tweet!


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                          With regard to the platform diversity etc etc, don't think that's an issue.

                          Blizzard games always have been quite self-contained. Probably due to their multi-platform ability. No weird DLL requirements, no depending on the registry etc.

                          If they'd release the linux binary, only Wow.exe as Wow(.bin) chances are, it would work on a _lot_ of distro's without hassle. If you grep for strings in the Wow, SC2 and D3 exe's, there's obvious Linux references. All they have to do, is release it to the public and put a 'this is unsupported' disclaimer on it.

                          But one of the reasons they might not, is due to their anti-cheating tech, which may be lacking in the Linux builds ...


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                            I'm fairly happy with Windows 7 so I'm not sure if and how MS screwed it up as much as Valve and Blizzard are trying to make us believe. That said, I don't really care about the reason as long as it motivates them to support our favorite operating system :P.


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                              I'd hate to say it here, for fear of hate :P But I personally don't mind Windows 8.

                              I use 3 24" monitors with an AMD 7970, and sadly I've never had that good an experience with Linux (when using all 3) (First Ubuntu, then Mint) with 3 monitors and a 7970. Some of that can be blamed on AMD.

                              I see Metro as an extended start menu (abit like using the search in Unity) that displays ALOT more than the Win7 start Menu, and not squished into a little rectangle at the bottom of your screen.

                              I've found Metro to be no hinderence (that was a surprise) to my workflow, or have it slow me down in any way. Plus Win8 boots really fast on my SSD.

                              I will see how the MS Store goes, but it can only be better than the current way of finding/installing apps for Windows... but that won't be gone either. Also, the ability to dock the messenger app alongside my other metro apps, or desktop is quite nice. As are the notifications. However these are new/better integrated features to Windows, other OS(s) have been able to have those in for a while. The FB integration, Google calendar etc... displayed nicely on the lock screen, as well as notifications are nice features for Windows

                              Also, the way Win8 handles my 3 monitors probably makes it a better experience than those with one (but my experience is the one that matters to me), it will only show Metro on 1 monitor, so the other 2 are always showing the Desktop or apps I have open then.

                              I also play a number of games, so I'm not going to be able to get rid of Windows if I wanted anyhow. (Some of which will be available on Linux when Steam arrives! )

                              I am in first year Software Engineering at Uni, and I still run Linux (Ubuntu now) on my laptop, and virtualize it on my desktop for any work I have to do in my course
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