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Electronic Arts Lacks Exciting Linux Strategy

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    Originally posted by zerothis View Post
    EA is sustainable like the Mongolian Empire, just keep conquering other successful people. Eventually the strains of organizing such a large monstrosity will lead to divisions between leading individuals who will start their own companies and hire away EA's people from the conquered companies. Its starting to happen on a small scale already; one, two, or three people at a time leaving with one or two original ideas as good as World of Goo. But pretty soon they'll start losing things as big as their Tolkien licenses and hundreds of people who want to follow it.
    Defections happen ALL THE TIME in the gaming industry. Its very rare for any staff to hold together for any length of time. Why do you think companies like EA eat every successful studio they can get their hands on? IP sells, and EA understands this. And for every IP that goes stale, EA can simply create/aquire a new one to replace it. EA, and maybe Activision, are the only AAA studios with the cash to make that strategy work long term.

    EA doesn't innovate, but as long as their titles sell, they don't have to.


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      Originally posted by MonkeyPaw View Post
      Believe it or not, businesses can actually make money by taking care of the customer. EA's crappy attitude toward the customer is short-sighted and I don't think it's sustainable.
      If they don't care about their customer then that customer will look to the competition for their Linux gaming needs (like Valve and maybe Blizzard)

      Well EA's going to lose out once Valve gets it all together and releases at least one of their AAA franchises as a native Linux game, and if sometime thereafter Blizzard follows suit with their titles.

      Interesting times eh?