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Valve Writes About Their Linux Client Plans

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  • Originally posted by Detructor View Post
    well, I played a shareware version of SS:Second Encounter(I think?!) some time ago(I guess 2003). The only thing I can remember is, that I was at the bottom of a hill and strange monsters came running at me and exploded(?). No idea what it was about or what weapons I had.
    Ah, the screaming beheaded kamikazes. That's probably the most iconic enemy in Serious Sam.

    You can check out the weapons available here:

    The defining element of the SS games was the unrelenting waves of enemies that would come down on you with no cover at all. You'd be dodging back and forth firing constantly for minutes at a time before you cleared out an area.

    As far as a larger plot, well, there really isn't one. Think Duke Nukem type of writing.
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    • Let's see when EA steps up with a similar "real" Linux project.
      I'd say it's very likely they announce something soon.

      Not because EA is innovative, not because they are courageous and certainly not because
      they love Linux - we know it's not the case - but simply because they are surely heavily
      irritated by this move of a serious competitor.
      It might be just the fear being late at a new market (without having a clear vision).

      Anyone remembers the "Valve Summer Deal" statement by EA's VP of Global E-Commerce David DeMartini
      cheaping game IPs and how they [EA] will never go that route?

      Soon after they started their own "Summer Sale".

      Might be the prototype script for EA on Linux.


      • This is excellent news. I salute Valve!


        • There wasn't an official Valve Linux blog post for weeks now... :/
          Hope this is a good sign (working hard towards a beta release).
          Although they promised (in a reply) to post further information after SIGGRAPH.