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Most Open-Source Game Artwork Is Awful

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    Ok, elephant standing in the room: why does quality of games on Linux have to be addressed by open source? With Desura already on Linux, and Valve supposedly bringing Steam this year, why can't people who want better quality Linux games just pay for them? Artists get paid, programmers get paid, people who make content get to eat, gamers get better stuff. Is there some fundamental reason why the production values of open source are supposed to aspire to and meet the level of polish of commercial offerings? How does that get funded, lots of trips to the food bank? Don't think I'm being glib here, I've done that for open source in the past, twice. I had to move on and pay bills. Might have been stoopid to do it the 2nd time but you know, you keep saying, "If only I did X Y Z instead of A B C..."