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CoreBreach Aims To Go Open-Source

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    They just got a sale from me

    I'm glad this will be going open source. I'm tired of having games that only last me a few years. Being as I'm not a heavy gamer much anymore, I get a lot of replay value out of games way beyond their prime. But if they won't even install, then it's not a good investment from the get-go and I find something else.


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      Originally posted by Michael View Post
      It was exclusive at the time of publishing. Hell I had also been sitting on the information for nearly two days, but only felt like posting it / having the time this morning. Yesterday on Twitter was also mentioning I'd post something Linux gaming exclusive in the morning...
      Just another case of you not double checking things before posting point still stands, it's not exclusive now :P


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        I hope it ends up going open source!

        If yes, then awesome!
        If not, then screw you guys!


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          Originally posted by liamdawe View Post
          Just another case of you not double checking things before posting point still stands, it's not exclusive now :P
          There was nothing at all to double check: Phoronix had the exclusive information at the time of publishing. Period.
          Michael Larabel


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            Sounds great, here's hoping they reach the necessary amount of sales. This has the added benefit that there's usually communities formed around modding these games which keeps the 'francise' alive to some extent and of course generates goodwill which can help the company when they release another title in the future. I hope we will see more of this now that indie-games (which I think rely very much on a close relationship with their userbase) is becoming a massive industry (even EA wants in on the action by trying to label some of their releases as 'indie', LOL).

            Obviously from an end user perspective it's great as it means there's a chance the game will continue to be developed/enhanced which adds to it's value, not to mention that being open source it can be ported to rare platforms on which it would never appear otherwise.


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              Originally posted by liamdawe View Post
              Phoronix Exclusive?
              They have it on their official site, come on dude!
              we've put it up there only after the phoronix article (because if you go there for more information and nothing is there, the article would be pretty pointless) and have not yet sent out word to any other website, so, yes, its exlusive.


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                Originally posted by Pickle View Post
                anyone know how cross-platform (i.e. arm vs x86) GNUstep is?
                very, Debian has arm, powerpc, mips and alpha packages for gnustep and some even more esoteric ones.
                a source release of CoreBreach would also mean it could enter *BSD packageing systems.


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                  Freudian slip

                  Originally posted by CoreCode View Post
        , yes, its exlusive.
                  Classic example of 'Freudian slip':

                  What is it now, exclusive or elusive?


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                    the source code to CoreBreach (GPL) and its 3D engine (MIT) has now been published on GitHub. enjoy.