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Linux Game Publishing Still Silent On New Titles

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    Originally posted by grantek View Post
    I don't get what you're saying, my point was that selling the Windows and Linux versions separately is a bad idea.

    Originally posted by grantek View Post
    There's an easy way to run many Windows games on Linux and x86 UNIX including Mac OSX, so it doesn't really matter when ports for the other markets appeared in relation to each other if all of those other markets have already jumped on the Windows version.
    This isn't exactly true.
    This isn't simple thing, because some companies often don't want paid persons or companies which ported games to Linux.

    "When LGP ports a game, it takes time and money. We only get revenue back from people buying the Linux version. This means that if we were to say ’sure’ to that question, we would then suddenly get no revenue, as buying the windows version will earn us nothing."

    We license games from companies who make the Windows version, and we do not get paid for making the games, and so selling them is the only revenue we receive. If, for example, you bought a game for Windows, you wouldn’t expect to be able to get a free copy of the same game for the Playstation. This is pretty standard for any industry. If you go pay to see a film at the cinema, you wouldn’t expect to get free pay-per-view access of the film on TV later on just because you paid money to the cinema."

    "Some Linux games, for example Quake 4, you get a downloadable installer because the same people who made the Windows version made the Linux version. They went to the expense and they recoup the money by selling the Windows boxed version. Other times, such as Unreal Tournament, where Loki released a downloadable installer for the Windows boxed version, the company who made the Linux version were paid to do so, and so the revenue is generated in that way. This is not the case with LGP games, and is unlikely to become so."

    Originally posted by grantek View Post
    Quake 3 is famous for having something like 300 boxed copies for Linux sold, and thousands of Windows versions run with the freely available closed Linux binary before the source was released. From the DOOM FAQ you linked to it looks like DOOM was never sold separately for Linux, it was a freely available addition to the MS-DOS version. That's what I'm saying adds value for the customers, and that's what I'm saying LGP should do.
    This isn't true:

    "LXF: What do you think Loki did wrong?
    MS: Loki overestimated the market. It would spend a lot licensing a triple-A title and not generate enough sales, but carry on doing that again and again. A classic example was its Quake 3 special edition where it made 50,000 tin boxes and only sold a few thousand."

    Do you really want more unofficial games for Linux without technical support?

    "The Linux version of Quake 4 is NOT supported by Activision Customer Support"
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      Welcome, my friends, to phoronix, where no news...

      are news!


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        Originally posted by gbudny View Post
        Hmm. You are right, but I think this is not exactly succes a single company
        Ok, you may count since HB Inc. creation.