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    Originally posted by rustybroomhandle View Post
    My personal opinions only, but of your list I shall divide them into games I like, and games I don't.

    Not that it matters:
    My list would be near identical, just that I would include Battlefield 3 (but not Modern Warfare 3)

    It's a sad list you put there, mainly because you took it off the top sellers list. Just because it sells does not make it good.
    I know. 50,000,000 Elvis-fans were wrong!

    The AAA gaming industry is driven by investors, and as such are largely risk-averse. As a result they keep churning out the same soulless crap over and over again.
    Like Elvis!

    The indies might be more po-dunk, but at least it's a more interesting market. Experimental games like Dear Eshter would never come out of the AAA market. There's a lot more to gaming than the very narrow field painted by the so-called "AAA"s.
    I think the magic in what determines what is a good game is largely unknown until it hits the market, whether it is an indie game or not.

    Here are two articles from RPS that nicely sums up what that market is:
    Thanks for the links!


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      @sabriah - I never said that a successful thing is automatically bad either.