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EA Begins Their (Sad) Ubuntu Game Push

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    I'm not surprised

    EA is, at least as far as their 1st party development (and the business side thereof) goes, a very large, heavy, monolithic beast. As such, any however minor change in direction normally requires herculean efforts. I'm positively surprised that they are in talks with Canonical *at all*, and that's testament to the exposure Linux as a whole has been gaining. It's no surprise, considering how risk averse EA traditionally is (trust me on this one), that they're leaving leading the charge up to a company like Valve, who is more flexible in their development and business methodologies, and not answerable to shareholders, and shareholders only.

    I agree with the sentiment that it's a start. That gamers like us aren't interested in the couple of games they've released, they don't care about - they don't see it that way. Their publishing side doesn't consist of gamers. To their publishing and marketing side, a product is a product, and releasing these two is, for them, an almost completely risk-free way to get an indicator to gauge interest and possible future market numbers, and to get a presence in the market in case the whole Valve thing becomes a runaway success (in which case you can bet your arse that they'll trip all over each other to get on the dance floor, now that they've been invited to the party).
    Now go install the two thingies from the software center. Then wait and see and quit banging your head against the wall about why they did and didn't do what. It's a much less stressful way to live


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      They should port and release original C&C or C&C Red Alert as open source or atleast for free. It's not like they are generating any revenues and stuff. THAT would give them fans and invaluable goodwill. I don't think it would be hard since a single individual has already begun porting it to HTML5.

      Long time C&C fan despite EAs efforts to destroy what little is left of it. I registerd to say this and i hope EA sees it and considers it.

      But i doubt that will ever happen.


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        Getting feet wet

        Well, its not much but at least they're engaging and dipping their feet into the water.

        That's good. Hopefully they continue with more and more releases and better games.


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          They are just treading water. These two web-based games have been playable for months (the tibsun is quite bad tbf )
          Let them get a presences in the stall and known they are looking into linux.

          They prob have some title to announce (prob not some AAA title, but a reasonable title for EA...) but due to other issues it missed their self-imposed deadline of this conference. I would give them a few months. sometimes engineering can be a right bitch


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            Yes it's technically a sad news story, but they haven't had their talk yet. I still think we're in for an okay game. I'd welcome Plants vs. Zombies. It's popular enough that it's something that's somewhat decent.

            But really, complaining gets us nowhere. We have to show support for these titles in order for EA to even consider putting big money into porting over AAA titles. I still have mixed feelings about EA, but at least they are going to come out and officially say something, unlike another game company atm. (No videos, no quotes, no nothing)


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              Originally posted by asdx

              Are you fucking kidding us EA?



              That was my reaction to the Mass Effect 3 ending. I think EA has turned into a giant corporate troll. First they make a great game with an ass-tastic ending, now they do this.

              Next thing we know, they'll be paying their employees to raid WoW, 4chan-style.


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                This is a huge step. The fact Linux/Ubuntu is appearing on powerpoint presentations within EA is a huge win. Don't kid yourself.


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                  I absolutely abhor EA as a company, but I have no qualms with using them like a tool. To me, they're that big, old, stinky lawnmower in the shed -- you know the one; it's got grass perma-glued to every part of it, the blades are worn down, it's hard to get started and you choke on its fumes. But you can still use it to cut the grass for that cute girl down the street and use that as a chance to ask her out.

                  If EA opens the Linux gaming can of worms by drawing interest to the platform, that's fine. But they're still scum, I still hate them, and I hate what they've done to Bioware (i.e. they have totally ruined it). But EA only answers to the almighty dollar and nothing more -- they are greed incarnate, the ultimate manifestation of the infinite worship of wealth at all costs. If such an incredibly self-indulgent entity thinks there's money to be found on Linux, then you can use that as a pretty damn good indicator that we have enough people using our operating system that the tide is starting to turn against Microsoft.


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                    Originally posted by leif81 View Post
                    This is a huge step. The fact Linux/Ubuntu is appearing on powerpoint presentations within EA is a huge win. Don't kid yourself.
                    It's a good point. No doubt most of us were underwhelmed upon hearing it but the fact they are paying any attention to Ubuntu is a great thing and this probably one way for them to, yes, "test the waters". I'll be installing them now..


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                      Originally posted by leif81 View Post
                      This is a huge step. The fact Linux/Ubuntu is appearing on powerpoint presentations within EA is a huge win. Don't kid yourself.
                      In other words, I agree with you, although I still don't like to have anything at all to do with EA, the greedy bastards. Still, this is a useful yardstick. Thanks for letting us know that we matter, EA. You sons of bitches.


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                        Originally posted by phoronix View Post
                        Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances is a browser-based MMO strategy game using Flash.
                        Command & Conquer Tiberium Alliances works perfectly fine without Flash.


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                          What did you all expect? That they port some AAA game in this short time?

                          Maybe they just put some games in the software center, that are very unlikely to produce any problems to see whether the process works and how well it works before starting with serious work?


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                            Don't support the greedy monster called EA. We all will be better off without their kind on our lawn. Additionally, I have a prior experience with Lord of Ultima, which is a poorly balanced, pathetically implemented, unstable online strategy (the server side is written in .NET, can you believe that?), whose only purpose is to leech your money through microtransactions and waste your time in the most literal sense of this word. For example, upgrading buildings takes exponentially long time - *real* time, mind you, - and the only way to speed it up is with *real* cash.


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                              Fuck big game studios

                              Big games studios are using draconian DRM and supporting more invasive and idiotic copyright laws.

                              Support indie developers such as those from the Humble Indie Bundle, they're cross-platform, DRM-free, creative, and many of them end up getting open sourced.


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                                After reading through this thread, I am definitely underwhelmed but also understand where the people playing devil's advocate are coming from. Still, if Valve is planning so much more, let EA jump on the bandwagon after they've seen Valve's success, as opposed to expecting any huge triumph from this somewhat poor effort.