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Blizzard's Diablo III On Linux?

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  • Blizzard's Diablo III On Linux?

    Phoronix: Blizzard's Diablo III On Linux?

    In a recent gaming interview, Blizzard's director of the forthcoming Diablo III game was asked about a Linux client...

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    That linux port would have the only reason for me to buy it despite that stupid Battle.Net-enforced no-offline-gaming rule.


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      So it’s like, well if we had the choice between getting PvP out earlier, or doing a Linux version, well PvP comes out earlier.
      That’s always what kind of ends up happening. Whenever anybody ever asks us “well why didn’t you do this thing?”,
      it’s, like, “well because we did this other awesome thing that we thought was more important”.
      Well, I guess this guy was simply not the right one to ask for a Linux client (as he says himself).
      What he says sounds like a manpower/prioritizing thing only, which is obviously not the most problematic thing.
      If they have/had a WoW Linux client and don't release it, then this clearly hints a strategic business decision.
      Most probably they simply don't care or see a benefit in providing a Linux client.
      Heck, they don't even release on consoles anymore.
      And this is where you could really make some additional money.

      Nevertheless, I'd really welcome a Diablo 3 Linux client.
      And I have to admit that I don't really care about the Battle.Net issues.


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        One of the most overrated companies out there. I'd might buy Diablo 3, but I doubt it.


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          It doesn't matter if Blizzard makes a Linux native client or not. I don't buy games that require a connection to play single player. Look how well that went for Starcraft2: people banned from playing single player campaign.
          Not to mention, beta players report single player is rather boring. But that may be strictly because of the scope of the beta.


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            Originally posted by bug77 View Post
            Starcraft2: people banned from playing single player campaign.
            really nice too see how blizzard cares about their users. I hope the hack comes out soon.


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              So where do we go to voice our demand for a native client?


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                Originally posted by bnolsen View Post
                really nice too see how blizzard cares about their users. I hope the hack comes out soon.
                Because anonymous anecdotal comments on the internet should always be taken as gospel.


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                  Blizzard looses more than i do.

                  I don't loose money, they do.
                  FU Blizzard.
                  Market is there. You can't make up your mind - you don't get a cent from me.
                  Other Linux guys - don't support them. Just because it works under wine - doesn't mean it's right.
                  Wine sucks. Proven over and over again. Thanks devs for doing wine, but its work around, its not a solution.


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                    Damn, that headline made my heart skip a beat!

                    I still have love for Blizzard, mostly because of fond memories. Sure the no-LAN thing is a bummer, but I don't take it personally. In fact I'm setting up a hackintosh just for D3, so a native Linux client would mean a lot to me. If Blizzard and Valve were the only AAA game companies making games for Linux, I wouldn't ask for more (quality > quantity)

                    What I don't get is the "if there is demand" position. Sure Linux desktop/gamers is a minority, but it's not like we are only 5 guys in a basement anymore. Take the Adobe CS for Linux poll as an example. I didn't vote (generally don't at these sort of things) and through my work with VFX and design companies I know that practically all of them would love the option to choose a Linux version, that's a lot of votes not counted. Still there are almost 13.000 votes. There are certainly that amount licenses that Adobe could sell to small/medium/large VFX houses around the world, and even if all only bought the "cheap" CS Design at ~$2000 that is $26 million! Don't tell me it would cost Adobe that much!

                    Ok, so games don't cost $2000 but someone mentioned a good idea: Let Blizzard calculate how much it would cost X developers to port their engine to Linux, and start a Kickstarter project at that amount. I'm sure the demand is there!

                    So... you have a lot of contacts in the industry, can't you set something up? Like a meeting with Blizzard and Gabe Newell? Or maybe get invited to Blizzards office?


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                      Originally posted by entropy View Post
                      Nevertheless, I'd really welcome a Diablo 3 Linux client.
                      Unless you are attempting to document the dumbing down of games to cater to idiots, this game isn't worth spending the money on.


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                        Originally posted by yogi_berra View Post
                        Unless you are attempting to document the dumbing down of games to cater to idiots, this game isn't worth spending the money on. In my opinion.
                        There, FTFY.

                        So because the game is not your taste, everyone else are idiots?


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                          Originally posted by numasan View Post
                          There, FTFY.
                          You are so edgy.

                          So because the game is not your taste, everyone else are idiots?
                          Game designers quit giving gamers the benefit of the doubt around 1998 and started designing games around the fact that you are an idiot that can't figure anything out on your own. Blizzard is just worse at hiding their contempt for gamers than most companies.


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                            Serious Sam 3 on Linux

                            This might be a bit off-topic, but I have an information that Croteam will ship Linux version of their Serious Sam 3 as soon as Valve releases the Steam client for Linux.

                            On Thursday, Croteam had a speech at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, Croatia where they spoke about some details of how they started and how have they made the Serious Sam series. At the end, they held a Q&A session for students who are interested in game development.

                            One of the questions was whether they plan to support Linux with their game. They answered that most of the Croteam people are Linux enthusiasts and that they have a linux builds of almost every version of Serious Sam, but they use those build for only in-house playing. The reason for that is the non-existence of good DRM software for Linux that would protect their software from being illegally copied. But, as they switched to using Steam as DRM and distribution framework, they said that they will release a Linux client "the very first day when Valve releases Steam client for Linux".

                            This is a very good news because in my opinion, Serious Sam is probably the best FPS ever.

                            I've also asked them whether they plan to open the sources of Serious Sam TFE and Serious Sam TSE, but unfortunately they responded negatively to that question. They said that maybe in some future they will think about that, but not yet.


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                              He nailed it on the head with the limited resources comment. The clueless naive non-programmers here keep bitching that a Linux port should require little time (though it requires far more than the non-professional hobbyists ever estimate), but the reality is that _any_ time spent on Linux is time not spent on something else. Between a feature that will increase sales on Windows by 5% or a feature that enables a small fraction of that number of people but the game on a fringe platform, guess which one any sane producer will pick. Until Linux has a sizable number of gamers on it, the cost/benefit ratio will rarely be with it for most game developers. The indie guys are Linux's best bet because the market tends to work out for them getting a sizable percentage of sales from Linux users.