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Tweaking KDE's KWin For Linux Gaming Performance

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    The real question is: why is it capped @60fps?
    ## VGA ##
    AMD: X1950XTX, HD3870, HD5870
    Intel: GMA45, HD3000 (Core i5 2500K)


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      Thank you very much for this interesting benchmarks and for listening to your readers Michael.

      I did some benchmarks with Unigine Heaven and Catalyst and the results were identical in every possible scenario. When using Open Source Radeon drivers suspending compositions was helpful. Maybe there's something wrong with Intel?


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        Originally posted by darkbasic View Post
        The real question is: why is it capped @60fps?
        Vsync? Perhaps the Vsync option is only kicking in when the Kwin desktop effects are suspended. I wonder if enabling Vsync in the KDE desktop effects settings would create a similar cap on the game's framerate with the desktop effects enabled.


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          Articles like this are great. I wonder, however, if there are any differences between the compositing modes, i.e. between crisp, accurate, etc. I'm guessing that, if there are, they're pretty marginal.

          The good news is that those of us using the proprietary Catalyst drivers don't have to worry about disabling compositing to get better performance.


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            Originally posted by bug77 View Post
            If testing OpenGL, why not test using a driver that properly supports it (e.g. nvidia blob)?
            In exactly what sense do the Catalyst drivers not properly support OpenGL on linux? Just curious.