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Mephistopheles: Not All Linux Games Sell Well

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    thanks! Looks very cool. Now get that content increased and blow our undies off!


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      Originally posted by motorsep View Post
      There is FAQ where all these questions you asked are answered:
      Why does Tomes of Mephistopheles have a download limit?

      Unlike some independent games, we are aiming at a AAA level of content. This increases our costs for downloads. Content delivery networks cost a lot and as the game will grow in size, so will our bills. So to keep things affordable, we have this in place.

      OMG! My download links have expired because I didn't bother downloading the game after I purchased it, for two weeks. What do I do next?

      Contact the developers at support /at/ kot-in-action /dot/ com and ask to reset the expiration date.

      How will I get alpha updates if I exceed my download limit?

      The updates will be provided as separate downloads. Each of the update files will have its own download limit. Please use the resources wisely, don't waste bandwidth.

      Why is it more expensive to buy the game on Desura?

      There no such thing as free distribution. Desura charges us hefty fee (I think it's hefty because currently Desura is nothing more than autopatching + storage for the developers, unlike Steam, that actually sells games rather well). We need to maintain our profit margin and therefore it costs more to sell game on Desura, to compensate for the distribution fee.
      So Desura will offer your customers a proper download service that you complain is too expensive to provide yourself and still think that they charge you for nothing?


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        Originally posted by BO$$ View Post
        I don't like this game and I haven't even watched the need with that atitude. A word of advice. Stop trying to make your games like AAA titles. You don't have the budget! Focus on originality not graphics
        Games are just like movies: Management wants to spit out the same exact thing over and over again, because it's been proven to sell. Why do you think CoD/BF/MoH all haven't had significant gameplay changes in the past decade?

        AA studios are where originality comes from, but those studios immediately get taken over once they have an IP worth something. The management at those studios are looking for THEIR payday, so either they want an IP so they can sell, or they want a one-hit wonder (which almost always crashes and burns, but that won't stop them from trying).

        Point being, 2% of the market isn't going to drive managements decisions.