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Mephistopheles: Not All Linux Games Sell Well

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    Originally posted by oliw View Post
    I'm not surprised. When I first saw this I thought it looked like a poor clone of Hexen 2. Considering Hex2 is over 15 years old, that's not a good first reaction.
    I agree.. With games like Skyrim and Amnesia already on the market.. It's a *VERY* tough sell to push a game like this in this genre...


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      Originally posted by russofris View Post
      2: The game in the video looks dated compared to modern offerings (Skyrim)
      That wouldn't put me off. But it looks boring. Slightly different genre, but Arx Fatalis looks better to me (and much more enjoyable), and is quite dated by now.

      On the topic of the Humble Bundle, without that I'd never have player Steel Storm (which I liked) and known much about Kot In Action. So far, nothing else I've seen from them appeals to me though.


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        Well, Whatever - I just bought it on Desura. I just hope that it'll be worth it (in the future :P)


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          to Devs


          For the record, i have bought one of your games, that top down shooter.

          It had relatively nice graphics. I only bought it for eye candy, i don't even like the genre of it. It was not the best game i ever played, but not the worst one. I don't regret I bought it, it was good experience to try this sort of games.

          This game had something. I liked it, I bought it.

          Now, we look at trailer that looks like something from late ninties. I never played that sort of games, so I have no idea about game play. Graphics, is mediocre at best.

          Where I stand - your advertising has failed big time. Perhaps your game IS actually good, lets just assume that. Making some specific niche genre 3D - doenst automatically make it good. A few days ago I have bought fallout 1. I AM SO HAPPY about it. 2 D in it's best. I played fallout 3, it's not same, its entirely different thing.

          We, customers don't see and don't understand why yout game is best, not well enough explained. And frankly, doing such thing as you did, contacting Phoronix, will probably do more bad than good. IMHO it seems like you are trying to go safe way, by gettting Alpha funding and in worse case scenario, you are already at least somewhat covered. Win/win for you. I don't mind you wanting to be safe, but not at my expense.

          Imho, your first video failed, do another one.
          If you think you are good - make alpha available to people, like Oilrush team did.

          And while I bitch - I actually buy linux games. All S2 titles(spend more money on gold skins than on game itself), all FPS drom ID, Trine, all Shadowgrounds, a few Humble Indie Bundles, Oilrush, just to name a few.

          Every day I look for a game to buy for Linux, and most of time I just get dissapointment.

          Just my 5 bitchy-itchy cents.


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            It is odd that casual games sell very well on Linux, but story driven 3d games rarely do.


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              Originally posted by downer View Post
              It is odd that casual games sell very well on Linux, but story driven 3d games rarely do.
              Is this story-driven? The wiki page linked above doesn't contain the word "story", just "procedurally generated".


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                i'm not surprised this didn't sell well, i'm sorry to say it but the game seems very amature-ish. it seems to have a LOT of potential, but it looks like it was only developed for a month by less than 3 people (including graphics and sound) as a hobbyist project.

                i'm sure selling an alpha was inspired by games which did the same thing and were successful such as minecraft. minecraft did look hideous and when it was first released, it defintely wasn't the best game out there but the major difference is that had game had a free demo and a very unique concept. people enjoyed the demo enough that when they saw a cheap alpha sale that would grant them a copy of the game when it was released, it sold very quickly. mepistopheles, as far as i'm aware, has no free demo (the alpha stage right now basically seems like a demo) and doesn't have a whole lot of new interesting ideas to it. people need more than just videos to want to buy a new series of a game and they need something compellingly new.

                i wish the mephistopheles game luck, i have no interest in buying it now but my opinion could easily change after another couple monthsof development.


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                  I'm interested in this game. I'm not interested in paying for it until it's complete.


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                    Originally posted by AnonymousCoward View Post
                    Is this story-driven? The wiki page linked above doesn't contain the word "story", just "procedurally generated".
                    Before being imprisoned for eternity, Mephistopheles, the Lord of Darkness, put his sinister knowledge into several tomes which were scattered across the land. Many wicked souls were corrupted by the Devil and spent their lives searching for the wretched Tomes of Mephistopheles, to gain the knowledge of their unholy power. It has been foretold that the beholder of the Tomes will possess the greatest power known to mankind and will rule the world, but will corrupt it and leave it in ruins. The secret society known as the Deputies of Uriel dispatched its most skillful members to find the Tomes and destroy them at any cost. Will you fulfill your duty or succumb to the corruption of the Dark Lord ?

                    Tomes of Mephistopheles is a first-person action-RPG dungeon crawler. With its fast-paced fluid combat, a multitude of medieval and magical weapons, an in-depth custom spell system, and randomly generated persistent worlds, ToM is a pinnacle of the genre.
                    Seeking the sinister Tomes, you will forge a path through the dungeons using anything that becomes available to you, while attaining skill and power along the way by exploring, questing, and crafting unique equipment and tailoring spells for yourself.
                    Procedurally generated maps shouldn't count that much against them, and it is an RPG with more to offer than Angry Birds.


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                      The linux software market isn't that developed yet, but I think we are getting to a point where there are a number of games.

                      To this I mean, you can choose to support linux game development by buying any of them, but we're a bit past the point of just paying because "here, we're making a linux game, so help us", especially if the game is closed-source (by this I mean, that even if you don't like the game, some of the code might be useful to other projects).

                      Honestly, I just didn't think the game or the concept were interesting. And I bought a native linux game 4 days ago, which is not by far the first.


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                        Originally posted by XorEaxEax View Post
                        Also just in: not all Windows games sell well.
                        DAMN IT!!! I was going to say that


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                          i buy it and i think it do have a great potential.

                          but he need many more hard work.


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                            Originally posted by downer View Post
                            Procedurally generated maps shouldn't count that much against them, and it is an RPG with more to offer than Angry Birds.
                            Action-RPG, it says. Expecially combined with "procedurally generated" that means to me there are random people telling you to fetch random stuff, and when you get enough, you can go fight the final boss. In other words, the story is an alibi for the setting, but not intrinsic to your actions in the game. That doesn't have to be bad, see World Of Goo for example. But when I see "story-driven", I think of something like Arx Fatalis, not Diablo.


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                              I had a look at the video and there just isn't enough there to catch my interest. The game looks pretty old tech too, so why not instead appeal to nostalgia. I have recently replayed games like Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, and Black Crypt. Why not create a game more like that, it would be within a small gaming houses budget, and you'd have a ton of people wanting to try it out, because i know a lot of people who loved those games and would like to see their return.


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                                Too much action for me

                                Maybe im getting old, but nowadays I only really feel like being a care-bear in games. Something cozy like dungeon keeper, but lazier Or heroes of might and magic. Something that takes a lot of thinking to make one little move and make you feel like you are building something up... Something like Anno XXXX or civilization...

                                Your game might be good, but not my taste -- sorry!